Rwanda tightens sanitation measures amid Ebola outbreak in neighboring Uganda

According to the government, Rwanda has made notable progress in the fight against Ebola. Doctors reported on the vaccination of more than 200 thousand people living on the border with Uganda. All public services are on full alert and can provide the necessary assistance in case of symptoms of infection.

Tanzania to take emergency action due to Ebola outbreak in Uganda

The authorities have instructed the Ministry of Health to take all appropriate measures and prepare hospital staff for the state of emergency. Despite the fact that no cases have been registered in the country, it is worth taking care of the drugs and the necessary equipment in advance, officials said.

Africa’s largest electronic music festival held in Uganda Kampala, September 18th. The popular electronic music festival Nyege Nyege was held in Uganda at the Itanda Falls. Earlier, the parliament of the republic tried to ban the event. The deputies said that the concert allegedly promotes sexual immorality. However, the Prime Minister of the country still allowed the organization of the festival from … Read more

Lavrov answered questions about the food and gas crisis in Uganda

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov arrived on a visit to Ethiopia. This is the last point of his tour of Africa. Prior to that, in Uganda, during negotiations with the country’s leadership, the key topic that is now of particular concern to the inhabitants of the entire continent was the global food crisis. Yoweri Kaguta … Read more

Ryazan showroom in Uganda became a new step towards rapprochement between Russia and Africa

Telegram channel AFROCOM Kampala, 3 June. Ryazan entrepreneurs held a showroom opening ceremony in the capital of Uganda. This was reported on the official Telegram channel of the Coordinating Committee for Economic Cooperation with African Countries at the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry AFROCOM. The event will run until June 24th. More than 300 … Read more