The Russian government will allocate 87.5 million rubles to the Glazov hospital in Udmurtia

Earlier, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin promised to help equip the Glazov hospital, the Susanin news agency reports. And now the press service of the head and government of Udmurtia reported that the relevant orders had already been signed. .

Hotline opened in Udmurtia for relatives of victims of shooting at school No. 88

Representatives of the regional ministry stressed that lists of victims are currently being formed, they are planned to be published within an hour. It is noted that all the wounded were taken to medical facilities, they are provided with all the necessary assistance. .

The governor of Udmurtia Brechalov arrived at the school of Izhevsk, where an unknown person opened fire

At the moment, the attacker, who fired, has not yet been detained, they are looking for him. According to a number of media reports, a man in a black suit burst into the classroom during a lesson, after which he opened fire. .

The fight against the illegal sale of alcohol will be strengthened in Udmurtia

In Udmurtia, they will intensify the fight against the sale of counterfeit alcohol. This was announced at a staff meeting in the regional government by the head of the republic, Alexander Brechalov. According to him, cited by, residents of Udmurtia began to complain more often about the sale of illegal alcohol-containing products in places … Read more

Head of Udmurtia Brechalov: one hundred farmers of the region presented their products at the Svoe festival

© Photo: brechalov/TelegramHead of Udmurtia Alexander Brechalov at the Svoe farm food festival UFA, 10 Sep – One hundred farmers of Udmurtia presented their products at the Svoe farm food festival, reported head of the region Alexander Brechalov. “One hundred farmers brought cheeses and sausages, fish and poultry, honey and vegetables, mushrooms and berries, drinks … Read more

Heads of Udmurtia and Karelia lead in regional elections

In the Russian Federation on the evening of September 11, voting in the elections of local municipalities and heads of regions ended. The electoral commissions began counting the votes. According to the first published data, in Udmurtia, the incumbent head Alexander Brechalov (United Russia) is leading the election of the head of the republic with … Read more