The government has doubled the subsidy for the transition of the car from gasoline to gas

The government has increased the share of subsidizing the costs of businesses and citizens to transfer vehicles from gasoline to methane. Now the authorities will pay 48% of such expenses instead of 24% previously. It is expected that such a decision will stimulate the transition from gasoline to methane, as well as stimulate this type … Read more

Disposable waste of the population // Ministry of Natural Resources proposes not to change the base for calculating tariffs for garbage collection

The Ministry of Natural Resources has published drafts of two regulations that fundamentally change approaches to the formation of the basic document in the field of municipal solid waste (MSW) management – the federal scheme and change the rules for determining waste accumulation standards in favor of calculated rather than actual data. This change can … Read more

Tinkoff will halve the commission on foreign currency accounts

Tinkoff-Bank announced that from August 2 it will halve the commission for servicing foreign currency accounts. Now it will be 0.5% per month if there are more than 10 thousand conventional units on the account. If there is a smaller amount on the account, the service remains free. On June 9, Tinkoff announced that from … Read more

Between inflation and recession // The ECB began to tighten monetary policy

The European Central Bank (ECB) raised key rates for the first time in 11 years – and immediately by 0.5 percentage points, which brought the deposit rate out of the negative zone. The reason for the tightening of monetary policy, which was twice as sharp as expected, was the continued rise in inflation in the … Read more

Too Much Low Inflation // Leading Economists Are More Tolerant of High Prices Than You Think

A mass survey of economists in developed countries, conducted under the auspices of the Bank of Finland (BF), showed that a significant part of them assess inflation risks lower than central banks: among those who consider it necessary to change the Central Bank’s inflation targets, there are twice as many supporters of raising them. Among … Read more

Hackers lie down // Attack activity has dropped sharply

After large-scale hacker attacks on Russian sites in May, their intensity, that is, the number of IP addresses involved, halved by the end of June. Experts attribute the trend to the absence of obvious aggravations in the foreign policy situation and increased traffic blocking at the borders. Another factor could be a sharp decline in … Read more

The government has doubled the salary of civil servants seconded to Donbass

Employees of institutions subordinate to federal government agencies or holding positions in government agencies will receive a double salary when they are sent to the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics (DPR and LPR). The relevant government decree comes into force today. rubles in double the amount, ”says a document published on the official portal of … Read more