Figure skater Trusova for the first time commented on the departure from the group of Eteri Tutberidze

The athlete in the framework of the Russian Grand Prix, which is currently taking place in Sochi, took second place in the short program. Immediately after the competitive day, the skater commented on her departure from the Tutberidze group. .

The choreographer of the Tutberidze team spoke harshly about Trusova’s departure to another coach

The choreographer backed up his words with an example. Team member Tutberidze said that the figure skater has not been going to jazz for a year, reports. At the same time, Trusova‚Äôs Network constantly writes that she needs plasticity and choreography, but the athlete does not draw conclusions, Zheleznyakov noted. Until the skater puts … Read more

Tarasova’s coach did not understand Trusova’s decision to leave Tutberidze

Earlier, a source said that Trusova moved to Svetlana Sokolovskaya. The reasons for the transition of the 18-year-old athlete are still unknown. In September, the figure skater performed at the test skates of the Russian national team, representing the Tutberidze group. It is known that Sokolovskaya trains figure skater Mark Kondratyuk, who is in a … Read more

Source: Trusova left the Tutberidze group and went to Sokolovskaya

The silver medalist of the Beijing Olympics in women’s singles Alexandra Trusova changed her coach. It is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to its source. At the same time, the reasons for this decision of the 18-year-old athlete have not yet been disclosed. Earlier, Trusova took part in the test rental of candidates for … Read more

Foreigners demanded to send Tutberidze to prison because of Valieva’s new program

Global Look Press | Dmitry Golubovich The new free program of figure skater Kamila Valieva has become one of the latest sensations. But the number prepared by the coaching staff of Eteri Tutberidze infuriated the foreign audience. Valieva, together with the coaching staff, decided to answer the experts who accused the skater of doping at … Read more

An unknown person tried to set fire to the training base of figure skaters Tutberidze on Profsoyuznaya Street

Dmitry Golubovich/Global Look Press An unknown person tried to set fire to the Khrustalny sports complex on Profsoyuznaya Street in Moscow, where figure skaters Eteri Tutberidze train. The Baza Telegram channel reported the incident. According to media reports, the attacker was in orange work clothes and used a Molotov cocktail for his own purposes, presumably … Read more

Tutberidze’s daughter Diana Davis denied rumors about surgery

A number of media outlets previously wrote that the 19-year-old daughter of the mentor of the Olympic champions underwent surgery due to hearing problems. Back in 2016, her mother announced the diagnosis of the figure skater. She clarified that Davis had confirmed sensorineural hearing loss, which, however, did not interfere with figure skating. The athlete … Read more

Figure skater Kostornaya posted a photo with a mug of “beer” after criticizing the choreographer Tutberidze

The European champion in her social networks published a photo where she sits on the ice with a mug of “beer” in her hands. To her post, the skater left a comment hinting at Zheleznyakov’s recent statements about her. The choreographer previously noted that Alena Kostornaya needs to devote more time to training. According to … Read more