The authorities of Ukraine completely banned the export of goods to the customs territory of Russia

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has limited the export of goods from the territory of the country under foreign economic agreements, the country of destination of which is Russia. This was announced by the representative of the government in the Verkhovna Rada Taras Melnichuk. .

The Central Bank recorded an increase in cash turnover in Russia

According to the presented report, the amount of cash in the state increased over Friday by 114 billion rubles. The regulator noted that the corresponding figure exceeded the threshold of 100 billion for the second time in a month. The previous time a similar surge was recorded on September 22. Then the amount of cash … Read more

Lavrov noted the increase in trade between Russia and African countries

According to the head of the diplomatic department, the authorities of all African states welcome agreements on the export of food and fertilizers from Russia. Lavrov announced this during a speech at the 77th session of the UN General Assembly. .

Le Monde: China is already helping the Russian economy / flowcomm / CC BY 2.0 / Gary Lerude / CC BY-ND 2.0 Exports of Chinese products to Russia have grown by 50% recently. This fact greatly upsets European countries and the United States, writes a columnist for the French edition of Le Monde. Trade between Moscow and Beijing increased strongly at the beginning … Read more

Deliveries of goods from the countries of the former USSR to Russia increased due to sanctions

It is emphasized that the supply of goods from these countries increased not only in relation to spring indicators, but also in comparison with the pre-crisis period. Thus, the countries of the EAEU bloc, which includes Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia, shipped 15% more products to Russia this summer than in the same period in … Read more

Mexico increased imports from Russia in the first half of the year by 20%

Russia is the main exporter of fertilizers to Mexico. The Russian Federation accounts for about a quarter of imports of potash, phosphorus, nitrogen and mixed nitrogen fertilizers into the country. Other important Russian imports were synthetic rubber, aluminum and rolled steel. .

The turnover of the Italian travel agency fell by 90% due to the absence of Russians

The number of Russian tourists has declined due to the lack of direct flights to Naples, now travelers have to travel via Dubai or Istanbul. Those tourists who arrive prefer to stay in hotels rather than go on excursions or go to restaurants, Presutti said. .

Significantly more turnover for producer Delft blue

Porcelain producer Royal Delft, best known for its Delft blue, has recorded considerably more turnover in the first six months of the year. The listed company noticed that the tourist flow increased again after corona measures were abolished at the beginning of this year. Business sales also took off. However, due to increased costs and … Read more