Achievements of the people’s Abkhazia // Where the citizens of the Russian Federation spent their summer

The summer season turned out to be better for the tourist market than its participants expected. Due to the recovery in demand and rising prices, the volume of bookings in physical and monetary terms increased compared to the previous year. Abkhazia has become the most growing destination for summer travel this year, partially replacing Crimean … Read more

How oil and gas revenues of the budget changed // Infographics

The volume of additional oil and gas revenues associated with rising oil prices in July turned out to be lower than planned by 74.7 billion rubles, the Finance Ministry said. As follows from the materials of the department, the total volume of oil and gas revenues in July amounted to 770.5 billion rubles, which is … Read more

Oil and gas revenues of Russia in July were lower than planned by 74.7 billion rubles

The Russian Ministry of Finance announced that the federal budget in August 2022 will be replenished by 359.5 billion rubles. through additional oil and gas revenues. In July, the volume of additional budget revenues from the energy industry turned out to be less than the amount previously expected by the department by 74.7 billion rubles. … Read more

Closeness has become more open // The joint venture has updated the transparency rating of departments

The Accounts Chamber, with the participation of experts, assessed the openness of the federal authorities of the Russian Federation – out of 70 ministries, services and agencies, 15 fell into the high category of openness, 6 – into the low category, 49 departments were in the “middle” rating. The closure of part of the official … Read more

The issuer pays twice // Brokers have proposed a solution to the problem of frozen payments on Eurobonds

Brokers are asking to oblige issuers to transfer to Russian investors for the second time payments on Eurobonds that turned out to be frozen in foreign depositories. Further payments are proposed to be prohibited from being sent outside the Russian Federation. Experts do not argue that such a step would solve the problems of investors, … Read more

Perfume is running out of turnover

The desire of consumers to save money, a 30% increase in the cost of popular items and a reduction in the assortment do not allow perfumery and cosmetics stores to restore sales. In the first half of June, the turnover of such outlets was 12% lower than last year, and the number of purchases was … Read more

Only quad-copy the sky // In Russia, the production of drones will be expanded

Drone maker COEX has sold the industrial portion of its business to droneport developer Hive. Now Hive offers quadcopters from DJI with its systems, which stopped deliveries to Russia due to hostilities in Ukraine. The buyer promises to invest more than 100 million rubles in production. before the end of the year and reach the … Read more

From the life of buyers // Sanatoriums will be supported from the budget

Crimea, which this summer may be short of tourists due to the closed airport of Simferopol, has a chance to compensate for the losses at the expense of pensioners and state employees. The peninsula turned out to be in demand among public procurement operators who purchase vouchers to sanatoriums for those in need at the … Read more

Key rate returned in February // Central Bank lowered it from 11% to 9.5% per annum

The Central Bank lowered the key rate by 150 basis points to 9.5% per annum. According to the Bank of Russia, inflation and the fall in economic activity turned out to be slightly lower than expected in April. In this regard, the forecast for the growth rate of consumer prices has been improved. Now the … Read more