Turks accuse Zelensky of trying to drag the world into a nuclear war

Readers of the Turkish newspaper Haber7 wanted the country to leave NATO if Ukraine joins the North Atlantic Alliance. Thus, they reacted to the decision of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to apply to join the bloc on an accelerated basis. “He will soon lose Ukraine, while still hoping for help from NATO and the United … Read more

The Turks criticized the United States for putting pressure on local banks with Mir cards

Users of the Haber7 news site have lashed out at the US and Europe for pressuring Turkish banks to stop servicing Russian Mir cards under the threat of secondary sanctions. They expressed their opinion in the publication of the site dated September 28 on the relevant topic. According to the majority of readers, Turkish state-owned … Read more

The Turks pasted leaflets in Germany with the boar Mykola and an appeal to Ukrainians to leave the country

Immigrants from Germany printed leaflets with Mykola, on which a wild boar in a cap in the colors of the Ukrainian flag is depicted in a red crossed out circle. On the posters, as noted by the Telegram channel “Ukraine.ru”, it is written that the Turks oppose refugees from Ukraine. .

More than 90% of the Turks supported the neutrality of Ankara in the situation with Ukraine

Photo: Global Look Press/Sha Dati/XinHua More than 90% of Turks believe that Ankara should be neutral in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. This is reported by the data of a sociological survey conducted by the research company Areda. According to the Demirören news agency, to the question “How should Turkey behave in the framework … Read more

“Turks complain about falling incomes and depreciation of the lira”

During his visit to Ukraine, the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan shouted the greeting of local nationalists “Glory to Ukraine!” to the guard of honor, and then wished the people of Ukraine success and prosperity. However, he could not provide this to his people. This is evidenced by the reports of various media from … Read more