The Russian Foreign Ministry is concerned about the situation with a traffic jam from tankers off the coast of Turkey

According to him, this situation is known to the Foreign Ministry. “Of course, it causes us concern from the point of view of the interests of our operators,” RIA Novosti quoted him as saying. Grushko noted that this problem is still being discussed in the business line, but if no solution is found, “the political … Read more

Russian tourist revealed two advantageous differences between Russian men and Turks

The tourist pointed to another advantageous quality of Russian men, who are “focused on the female appearance, and not on their own person.” She believes that Russians in Turkey would be enviable suitors, because, unlike local men, they do not always try to look neat, but pay much more attention to their chosen ones. .

The expert called Turkey an alternative to Germany among importers of Russian gas

Turkey could replace Germany in the structure of Russian energy exports. This was announced on Tuesday, December 6, by Turkish expert, director of the ATA Platform, Volkan Ozdemir, during the Primakov Readings. As the expert recalled, Turkey did not support sanctions against Russia and now the volume of Russian-Turkish trade has grown significantly, and cooperation … Read more

Media: 18 million barrels of oil are on tankers off the coast of Turkey

Bloomberg: 20 tankers in a traffic jam off the coast of Turkey have 18 million barrels of oil © RIA Novosti / Andrey Stenin / Go to mediabankBosphorus © RIA Novosti / Andrey Stenin Go to mediabank Bosphorus. Archive photo MOSCOW, December 6 – RIA Novosti. A tanker blockage off the coast of Turkey holds … Read more

Turkish Foreign Ministry assured of complete provision of the population with energy resources in winter

He acknowledged that due to high inflation in Turkey, energy resources have risen in price significantly. Thus, the price of gas purchased from Moscow has increased three to four times for Ankara, Cavusoglu specified, speaking at a conference on the foreign policy of the republic. At the same time, Russia covers about 44% of the … Read more

In Turkey, due to the price limit for oil from the Russian Federation, a traffic jam formed from tankers

After the start of restrictions on prices for Russian oil, a traffic jam of oil tankers formed off the coast of Turkey. This was reported by the Financial Times on December 5, citing sources. According to the publication, the congestion is due to the fact that from December 1, Turkey requires a letter from insurance … Read more

FT reports traffic jam from oil tankers off Turkish coast due to price ceiling

The Turkish authorities have introduced additional insurance requirements for crude oil tankers. According to the documents, companies must provide Ankara with a letter confirming the provision of Protection and Indemnity Insurance to the vessel. .

Turkish pharmacists complain of a shortage of medicines due to the growth of the exchange rate

As noted by the Secretary General of the Ankara Pharmaceutical Association Ali Fuat Guldrug prices continue to rise. This is primarily due to the fact that the cost of aluminum and paper has been constantly increasing. In particular, over the past three months, glass bottles have risen in price by 100% or even 200%. .