Near Tula, a bus driver with Magnit employees fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into a road train

According to the department, everything happened in the city of Uzlovaya. The bus transporting Magnit workers fell asleep at the wheel, which caused a collision with a road train parked on the side of the road .

The authorities of the Tula region declared a state of emergency in connection with the death of the crop

According to Vesti-Tula, the declaration of a natural emergency regime will make it possible to apply to the Russian Government for damages, farmers will not be fined for violating subsidy targets, and banks will develop an opportunity to extend existing loans. .

A resident of Tula fell under a criminal article for attacking policemen with a knife

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A resident of Tula attacked a police officer with a knife

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Petrosyan’s wife Brukhunova was compared with Liza Boyarskaya after a photo shoot in Tula

For the photo shoot, Brukhunova wore a long flowing dress. Going ankle-deep into the water, she got rid of the glasses in which she always appears in the pictures. The final touch was the artist’s hairstyle, which emphasized a clear resemblance to Boyarskaya, which was noted by subscribers. .

Freezing rain hit the Tula region

The descent into the underground passage on Mosin Street has turned into a bobsleigh track. The concrete ramp is covered with a thin and very slippery crust of ice. The author of the video has moved out on his feet, older pedestrians slide along the walls, holding on to the railing. The disaster also touched … Read more