Ecology has two allies – the president and the figure // Alarming prospects open up for environmental policy

Summing up the results of her first year of work as an “environmental” deputy prime minister, Victoria Abramchenko characterized her “meadow” as an “unplowed field” (see Kommersant on January 12). In 2021, it turned out that the problem is not only in the field itself: equipment and tools have long become outdated and do not … Read more

Welcome to the table // Companies will spend money on catering for corporate events

This year, companies that celebrate a New Year’s corporate party in their offices will have to spend a third more on catering than before the crisis. Thus, the segment is trying to compensate for the loss of revenue over the past year and a half, but it is unlikely that it will succeed. The demand … Read more

Perfumers join Lenta // Rive Gauche will open corners in the chain’s supermarkets

Major perfume chains are trying to expand their audience through partnerships with food chains. Thus, Rive Gauche plans to launch corners with cosmetic products in Lenta stores. Such concepts can be replicated in 200-300 stores, but the project may be unsuccessful due to the different audience of the two chains, analysts warn. …

Bread in Search of a Place // How Export Restrictions Affect the Russian Grain Market

Against the background of almost a decade record prices for its grain on world markets, Russia is losing its position as the largest exporter of wheat in the world and its share in the purchases of key consumers. This is facilitated by lower yields, increased grain harvest in competing countries and a floating export duty … Read more

Big races // Deposit rates exceeded 8% per annum

Interest rates on deposits started to grow and today there are already a lot of offers on the market from 8% per annum. Thus, they are catching up with inflation, which by the end of October may reach at least 8%. The banks’ generosity was largely determined by the Central Bank’s decision to raise the … Read more

Metallurgists have broken prices // The Ministry of Industry and Trade is thinking about a new increase in the export duty on scrap

They are again trying to solve the problem of the metallurgical industry with a shortage of scrap by regulating tariffs. The Ministry of Industry and Trade began to discuss with the industry a new increase in the export duty on ferrous scrap. Scrap collectors are traditionally against the increase, saying that scrap collection is falling … Read more

We have long rates // The Bank of Russia promises to keep the key rate high next year as well

The key rate of the Bank of Russia was raised to 7.5% per annum, further tightening of the monetary policy, which remains “rather soft than neutral,” may occur even before the end of this year. At the same time, the next wave of the pandemic is expected to have a pro-inflationary effect – the inflation … Read more

Ex-owner of the manufacturer “B.Yu. Aleksandrov “tries to return 85% of the company

The co-owner of the Rostagroexport company (produces B.Yu. Aleksandrov cheeses), Yuri Izachik, filed two lawsuits in the Arbitration Court of the Moscow Region against the company’s top managers Sergei Babachenko, Valentina Kshennikova, Galina Makarova, Marina Reznikova and Nelly Khrapunova. He wants to invalidate the gift agreement by which he transferred 85% of 100% of his … Read more