AT: Trump has cornered the White House with an offer to mediate between Moscow and Kyiv

The proposal of former US President Donald Trump to make Washington a mediator in negotiations between Kyiv and Moscow has put the residents of the White House to a standstill. On Thursday, September 29, writes columnist for The American Thinker Olivia Murray. “Both sides need it and want it [мирного соглашения]. The whole world is … Read more

Trump expressed a desire to become a mediator in negotiations between Russia and Ukraine

Former US President Donald Trump is ready to mediate negotiations between Russia and Ukraine. The ex-owner of the White House himself wrote about this on his own social network Truth Social. According to the reviewer The American Thinker Olivia Murray, Trump thus “broke the White House.” “With just one short post Trump has driven the … Read more

Americanist Drobnitsky called the consequences of sabotage at Nord Stream

The expert explained that the main problem is not related to the act of sabotage itself, but to the fact that the number of points that can be used to reach various international agreements is decreasing, which is fraught with conflicts entering an uncontrollable trajectory. .

Trump says Nord Stream incidents could lead to war

Trump said “everyone is talking about the big hurricane” that hit Florida, but the gas pipeline story is probably a much bigger event in the long run. “This is a message that the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 pipelines … have been sabotaged. This could lead to a major escalation or war,” Trump said. … Read more

New York Attorney General files charges against Donald Trump’s family and business

New York State Attorney General Letitia James During the briefing, she announced that her office would initiate an investigation against former President Donald Trump, his children and other high-ranking members of the Trump Organization. The reason for the proceedings was the alleged financial fraud of Trump, who, according to James, manipulated the value of the … Read more

Trump warns Germans of possible ‘loss of country’ due to energy crisis Skidmore/CC BY-SA 2.0 Residents of Germany are at risk of “being left without a country” due to a reduction in Russian gas supplies. Former US President Donald Trump issued such a warning. The former head of state recalled that he had long warned Berlin about such a threat. According to him, once he even … Read more