NYT: EU Gradual Withdrawal of Military Assistance to Ukraine Caused Biden Trouble

Global Look Press | Chris Kleponis – Pool via CNP/Keystone Press Agency The countries of the European Union are gradually reducing military assistance to Ukraine to zero. The Allied decision has become a big problem for United States President Joe Biden, The New York Times reported. The White House is strongly demonstrating the cohesion within … Read more

developing countries are in trouble because of the “green” course of the West

Western countries, despite their “green” agenda, hypocritically began to buy fossil raw materials during the crisis. Europe is also increasing its resource imports. The region imports coal from all over the world, including from South Africa, Botswana, Colombia and the USA. The EU is buying a lot of American LNG. .

Gas price (finally) lower, but ‘consumer far from out of trouble’

The gas price collapsed by 20% on Monday afternoon. Speculators see that more and more gas is going to storage facilities in Europe and that the gas shortages could not be too bad in the direction of a harsh winter despite Russian sanctions. “But even if the price drops sharply, consumers are still far from … Read more

The creators of the game “Trouble” presented concept art and a promotional website for the project

The developers of the historical role-playing game in the genre of action “Trouble” presented a promotional website for the project with concept art and character animation, the Cyberia Nova studio announced on Thursday, July 28. On the site you can get acquainted with the visual style of the game, see several characters and game assets … Read more

WSJ: Boeing has trouble delivering 737 MAX aircraft

Boeing temporarily stopped production of 737 MAX aircraft in May for about 10 days. The reason was problems with supply chains, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported, citing sources. According to the publication, about 10 Boeing suppliers faced a shortage of materials and workers. Because of this, more time is needed to prepare the aircraft … Read more

The state will support “Trouble” // Russians will be allowed to play war with the Poles

ANO Internet Development Institute (IRI) allocated 260 million rubles to the Novosibirsk studio. for the development by 2024 of a computer game in the ActionRPG genre about the Time of Troubles in Russia. According to its plot, the Russian prince Yuri Miloslavsky, together with Dmitry Pozharsky and Kuzma Minin, will launch a war against the … Read more

Moscow gave Warsaw a financial answer, Bucharest also runs into trouble

In Russia, the accounts of the Polish embassy are blocked. This was announced by the Russian ambassador in Warsaw, Sergei Andreev. This decision was made in response to the actions of the Polish government, the statesman said on the air of the Rossiya 24 TV channel. Russian Ambassador to Bucharest Valery Kuzmin, in turn, pointed … Read more

A member of the Creed team ran into trouble before the finale of the show “Voice. Children”

The audience of the project chose Adelia Zagrebina as the winner of the season, whose mentor was Creed. The rapper noted that he was proud of each contestant from his team. The singer was glad that Zagrebina managed to cope with the difficulties before the final. .

American Thinker: Biden’s ‘stupid policies’ will be ‘big trouble’ for Americans

Chris Kleponis / Pool via CNP/Keystone Press Agency Rising fuel prices due to the energy crisis and high inflation could put the US in “big trouble.” This opinion was expressed by journalist Andrea Widburg in an article for American Thinker. President Joe Biden has imposed a ban on the construction of the Keystone XL oil … Read more