Former SPD head Lafontaine: Scholz should have asked Biden to withdraw NATO troops from Russia

According to the politician, there was an opportunity for negotiations before the escalation of the conflict. “The main problem was that the US sharply rejected Moscow’s demand not to deploy military installations on the Russian border. In this regard, the situation was difficult. Here you need to ask the Federal Chancellor a question,” Lafontaine said, … Read more

Ukrainian troops in the LPR lost up to 85 people and equipment per day

Over the past day, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have lost up to 85 people and several dozen pieces of equipment in battles in the Luhansk People’s Republic. This was reported on November 27 in the Telegram channel of the People’s Militia of the LPR. It is noted that the Lugansk units are conducting active … Read more

Ukrainian troops shelled the Church of St. Andrew the First-Called in Gorlovka | Ministry of Defense of Ukraine The Armed Forces of Ukraine launched an artillery attack on the Church of St. Andrew the First-Called in Horlivka. As a result, two shells hit the building, said Mayor Ivan Prikhodko. In addition, the baptismal was broken, the windows were damaged. There were no casualties, the mayor added. … Read more

Armed Forces of Ukraine cannot “physically knock out” Russian troops

The United States assumes that the fighting on Ukrainian soil will slow down in winter, the general said. Millie also allowedthat with the onset of cold weather there will be a “window” for the settlement of the Ukrainian conflict, negotiations can be launched. .

The Russian Foreign Ministry called unacceptable the demand to withdraw troops for talks on Ukraine

Russia does not accept preconditions on Ukraine, including the demand to withdraw troops. This was announced on Monday, November 14, by Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko. “No,” he said, answering the appropriate question from journalists. According to him, the dialogue should take into account the situation on the ground. “These conditions are unacceptable. Our president … Read more

Zelensky announced the demonstrated strength of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the level of NATO troops

The Ukrainian army showed a level of training comparable to the armed forces of NATO states. This opinion was expressed on Thursday, November 10, by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky in an interview for CNN. “I believe that we are at the same level as the NATO countries, at least. I think it will be … Read more

Surovikin reported to Shoigu about the maneuver of troops in the Kherson region

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Throw on Odessa and Zaporozhye: Vasilets explained the strange movements of Russian troops in Kherson

Federal news agency Despite the significant weakening of the southern grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the refusal of Kyiv to attack in this direction, Russia is transferring simply a huge amount of military equipment to Kherson. The Russian military continues to saturate the regional center with weapons, as if planning to turn … Read more

Russian troops completely seized the initiative in the NVO zone

From the point of view of military art, such changes in the NMD zone can only be called a complete seizure of the initiative. The situation is rapidly changing in favor of the allied forces, clearly demonstrating that the Russian command has chosen the right tactics. The Armed Forces of Ukraine tried to counterattack along … Read more