Courrier international: Turkey as a Trojan horse helps Russia bypass sanctions

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MOSCOW, 14 Aug — Russia circumvents Western sanctions with the help of the “Trojan horse in NATO” – Turkey writes French newspaper Courrier international. Trade volume between Ankara and Moscow has risen sharply in recent months, a sign of significant transit activity helping Russia evade sanctions. In addition, Putin and Erdogan agreed to promote the … Read more

Foreign Policy called Orban Russia’s “Trojan horse” in the EU

Foreign Policy magazine called Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban Russia’s “Trojan horse” in Europe. This is stated in an article published on August 3. “Orban’s far-right sentiments have now become apparent to the whole world. Of more serious concern in recent days was the fact that Hungary continued to bring water to Moscow. Last week, … Read more

The media reported on the fear of Brussels because of the “Trojan horse” Putin

Brussels fears that Italy could become Russia’s “Trojan horse” in Europe after the resignation of Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi. Columnist Bernardo de Miguel writes about this on July 21 in an article for the Spanish newspaper El País. “The fear in the EU capital is that Italy will, at best, become a weak link … Read more

French presidential candidate Le Pen has denied the thesis of “Putin’s Trojan horse”

IMAGO/stephanie Gouiran/globallookpress French presidential candidate from the National Rally party, Marine Le Pen, has said that she is not a Trojan horse of Russian leader Vladimir Putin. According to her, she made statements against anti-Russian sanctions in the energy sector, based on the real interests of the French people. This does not mean that she … Read more

Brevity is the sister of Trojan // Link shortening services spread viruses

Russia is among the countries most affected by the virus, which spreads through advertisements using short link services. They are convenient for scammers because they generate new links when blocked. Among the most popular are Yandex Clicker, VKontakte, Bitly, Owly, and others. Such platforms take a commission for ad clicks and are not … Read more