“Trust” went off the rails // Failure to come to an agreement with UWC creditors caused the bank losses

OVK Finance, a subsidiary of the United Wagon Company (UWC), defaulted on its bonds. Its main creditor and co-owner, the bank of non-core assets “Trust”, sought to restructure public debt, having received more than 13 billion rubles. loss from revaluation of securities. However, they did not even try to come to an agreement with another … Read more

FT: Deutsche Bahn employees tried unsuccessfully to draw attention to abuses of company management

According to an investigation by the Financial Times, two employees of the German railway operator Deutsche Bahn have repeatedly tried to draw attention to the abuse by some high-ranking managers, but to no avail. Back in 2016, employees reported to Deutsche Bahn’s internal control department about suspicions of embezzlement of corporate funds. But when an … Read more

Microbusiness will be taken over // The smallest companies will receive a new tax regime

The White House continues to experiment with tax regimes for small businesses – this time the authorities are ready to offer special conditions for micro-enterprises. In exchange for an increase in rates in comparison with the current simplified taxation system (STS), businesses were promised the zeroing of insurance premiums and the refusal to submit tax … Read more

COVID-19 replenishes portfolio // Valenta Pharm launches its own drug against the virus

The growing market for drugs for the treatment of COVID-19 continues to attract Russian drug manufacturers. “Valenta Farm” ex-head of the Federal Fund for Mandatory Health Insurance (MHIF) Dmitry Reikhart began registration as its drug for COVID-19 innovation, which was originally developed by “Pharminterpices”. Valenta Pharm tried to use another drug – Ingavirin – in … Read more

Retailers Ensure Continuity // How Non-Food Chains Plan to Operate During a Lockdown

The ban on the work of non-food retail, introduced in Moscow and some other regions, is not planned to be observed by all market participants. Thus, the clothing chain Gloria Jeans intends to continue working as usual, referring to the fact that at least 30% of its assortment is made up of essential goods. Leroy … Read more