special regime for banks transferring currency may be introduced in Russia

The head of the NSFR, Andrey Yemelin, notes in this regard that in the realities of sanctions pressure, external currency flows are in fact redirected through a limited number of banks. The expert emphasized that it is important for such a group to simplify currency regulation. The banker also gave a relevant example: according to … Read more

The European Commission denied the statements of the Russian Federation about the impossibility of transferring the gas turbine due to sanctions

The European Commission says Western sanctions against Moscow are not an obstacle to the transfer of a Siemens gas turbine from Germany to Russia. This was reported by Ukrinform with reference to “Radio Liberty“. Russian state-owned energy giant Gazprom has cut gas supplies via the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline to Germany to one-fifth of … Read more

transferring a gas turbine to Nord Stream is a difficult but correct decision

A difficult but correct decision – this is how Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau described the transfer of a gas turbine for Nord Stream. He noted that such a step was necessary to support Germany and Europe against the backdrop of a difficult situation in the energy sector. Without this equipment, no more than 30 … Read more

PrivatBank has connected the possibility of transferring income from business deposits in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

PrivatBank has connected the possibility of transferring income from business deposits to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to Ukrinform, this was reported in press service of the bank. “PrivatBank has connected a new opportunity for entrepreneurs and business clients to support the Ukrainian army – now business clients can, when opening a term … Read more

Rogozin accused US private companies of transferring data to Ukraine for military purposes

The head of the state corporation noted that the Pentagon uses space infrastructure to obtain seamless, highly detailed images of the Earth. The agency also connects all private American companies to its military orbital group, Rogozin said. .

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation raised the threshold for transferring funds abroad for individuals to 150 thousand dollars

The Bank of Russia, after the start of a special operation to denazify Ukraine, limited the issuance of foreign currency from Russian accounts and deposits to the amount of 10 thousand dollars, and the funds were issued only in dollars, regardless of the currency of the account/deposit. .

Russians will be able not to pay personal income tax when transferring shares from sanctioned brokers

The package of amendments of the Russian Ministry of Finance to tax legislation, approved by the government, includes a provision on the exemption from personal income tax for the income of Russians, the funds of which are transferred by a broker who has fallen under sanctions to another broker “with the simultaneous transfer of all … Read more

The administration of the Zaporozhye region ruled out the possibility of transferring to the power of Kyiv

He stressed that the Zaporozhye region is a historically Russian territory. At the same time, Rogov added that the government of Ukraine operates exclusively under the control of curators from the UK. We are talking about all decisions on military operations, the transfer of troops and the implementation of strikes, RIA Novosti reports. .

The United States violated international law by transferring Mi-17V-5 helicopters to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

According to Mikheev, the transfer of a batch of helicopters to the United States was carried out on the condition of refusing further re-export, so the supply of military vehicles to Ukraine is contrary to international law. .