Klintsevich about the transfer of heavy weapons to Gagauzia

However, this occasion can be considered formal, the politician, the head of the Russian Union of Afghanistan Veterans, is sure. Franz Klintsevich. As he explained in an opinion column for FAN, Chisinau, at the behest of the West, starts a big “game” with Transnistria. The expectation that the situation in Gagauzia, where they are extremely … Read more

Sandu did not confirm the rumors about the military threat to Moldova from Russia

Among other things, Sandu stressed that Russian-speaking citizens are not oppressed in any way in Moldova. According to her, the policy of the authorities is built, among other things, to ensure that this stratum of the population “feels good, no one hurts their rights and freedoms.” .

Analysts of Die Welt called Zmeiny Island the key of Russia to reunification with Pridnestrovie

In addition to military advantages, this island can also be the key for Russia to reunite with Transnistria. If this happens, then the RF Armed Forces will be much easier to free the southern regions of Ukraine, analysts are convinced. .

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Transnistria named the name of the customer of the attack on the military registration and enlistment office in Tiraspol

Recall that early in the morning on May 13, the detainees tried to set fire to the military enlistment office and the oil depot with the help of Molotov cocktails. Fortunately, the fire was successfully contained. There were no casualties. .

Russia must withdraw troops from Transnistria

The UN General Assembly called on Russia to withdraw troops from Transnistria in June 2018. The resolution was supported by 64 states, supported by 14 states, 83 abstained from voting. According to Gavrilitsa, the presence of these topics in UN resolutions preserves the problems of the Transnistrian conflict. .