The trading house “Targim” in Nazran was filmed after a gas explosion

In the published video recordings, it is noticeable that thick black smoke is pouring from the building. Windows were also shattered due to the incident. People crowded around the scene. According to preliminary data, no one was injured in the incident. .

The euro rose against the ruble at the start of trading Moscow exchange

The dollar at the start of the trading session rose to 63.26 rubles per currency unit. This was followed by a slight correction, as of 10:30 the US currency is trading in the corridor from 63.2 to 63.1 rubles per unit. The euro exchange rate also rose at the start of trading to the level … Read more

Moscow exchange trading opened with a depreciation of the euro

FBA “Economy Today” The ruble strengthened its position against the euro at the start of trading on the Moscow Exchange, but weakened against the dollar. This is evidenced by the data of the trading platform. The exchange rate of the US national currency against the ruble rose by 18.5 kopecks compared to the closing level … Read more

The yuan is actively increasing its positions in Russian exchange trading

FBA “Economy Today” The share of foreign currencies of states friendly to Russia is growing in the volume of exchange trading in the Russian Federation. The highest position is occupied by the Chinese yuan. This is evidenced by the data of the trading platform and the financial regulator of Russia. The Central Bank reported that … Read more

The dollar exchange rate decreases during the trading of the Moscow Exchange on November 14

So, at 10:24 Moscow time, the dollar exchange rate fell by 0.0150 rubles compared to the value of the previous closing of the session, to 60.5225 rubles. The exchange rate of the European currency at the same time increased by 0.0125 rubles and amounted to 62.2175 rubles. The Chinese yuan is strengthening against the Russian … Read more

Trading on the Moscow Exchange on November 3 began with a slight increase in the dollar

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The dollar against the ruble is growing during the trading of the Moscow Exchange on November 2

Thus, at the beginning of the session, the US dollar increased by 0.26 rubles compared to the previous close, to 61.50 rubles. The European currency lost 0.03 rubles in price, and its rate is 60.71 rubles. The Chinese yuan rose by 0.02 rubles to 8.41 rubles. .