Cambodian authorities lifted all entry restrictions for foreign tourists

However, vacationers in Thailand or Vietnam may be interested in traveling to a state in Southeast Asia. From there, Cambodia can be reached by bus, train or plane. It is noteworthy that such route options will cost much less than a package tour to the country from Moscow. .

Service “” listed the most common problems for tourists when checking into a hotel

So, the honorable first place is occupied by a problem called “disappointment from what he saw.” A slightly smaller percentage of tourists are faced with such a phenomenon as overbooking. At the same time, every tenth admitted that at least once he was settled in a room of the wrong category, RIA Novosti reports. .

Thai authorities have extended the period of visa-free stay for tourists

Now travelers will be able to stay in the state for 45 days, which is 15 days more than before. The innovation began to operate from October 1 and will last until April 23 next year. The changes affected all arriving tourists, regardless of the purpose – for leisure or for work. .

Overweight tourists talk about their favorite type of travel

Photo by AllGo – An App For Plus Size People on Unsplash Obese travelers most often choose sea or river cruises, preferring them to air travel. This is reported by the British tabloid Daily Star. According to the publication, it is the cabins in the huge liners that provide tourists with a sufficient amount of … Read more

Thailand lifts all COVID entry restrictions for foreign tourists

Under the new rules, tourists no longer need to carry a COVID-19 vaccination certificate or coronavirus test results. In addition, foreigners arriving in Thailand with symptoms of SARS will not be placed in isolation. It is emphasized that the country’s authorities continue to recommend that tourists wear masks and maintain social distance for prevention purposes. … Read more

Video: Tourists in the Kuriles met three bears

The Sakhalin Tourist Information Center posted on its Telegram channel a video of tourists meeting bears on Paramushir Island. Tourists heading to surf met a bear family, to which they reacted very emotionally. “The island of Paramushir can surprise not only with the eruptions of the Ebeko volcano and the views of the Alaid that … Read more

The Russians tried to enter Finland on tourist visas after the border was closed

Russian tourists who managed to get to the checkpoint before midnight were checked by border guards in accordance with the old rules. But those who reached the border after midnight were examined in accordance with the new regulations. In this regard, about 50% of Russians were denied entry on a tourist visa. .