Mishustin approved the reimbursement of tour operators for the export of Russian tourists

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed an order to reimburse tour operators for the funds spent on the return of Russian tourists from abroad. The document was published on the official Internet portal of legal information. The government will allocate 6 billion rubles. subsidies for tour operators. These funds should cover the cost of returning … Read more

The government is considering the possibility of zeroing VAT for tour operators

The government has instructed Rostourism to consider introducing a zero value added tax (VAT) for tour operators, similar to hoteliers, said Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko. The Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) requested the zeroing of VAT in April. “The industry itself made such proposals. We will instruct Rostourism to work on this … Read more

Tour operators owe the Russians 40 billion rubles. for canceled tours after 24 February

The head of the Federal Tourism Agency, Zarina Doguzova, said that the debt of tour operators for paid and canceled tours abroad after February 24 reached 40 billion rubles. According to her, it is possible to start returning the money provided that at least some of the foreign destinations are reopened. Ms. Doguzova spoke at … Read more

The government compensates tour operators 6 billion rubles. for the return of tourists from abroad

The government compensates the tour operator for the cost of exporting at least 50 thousand tourists from abroad. For these purposes, Rostourism has been allocated 6 billion rubles, follows from the order. The government allocated money from the reserve fund. It is noted that the subsidy is assigned “to reimburse the costs associated with restrictions … Read more

Tourists ask prices abroad // The cost of tours to Turkey and Egypt has increased markedly

As soon as the tourism industry announced the restoration of its own flight programs to the resorts of Turkey and Egypt, the cost of organized trips to these countries increased by about 35% compared to last fall. But such prices significantly curb demand. Travel agents expect that with the growth of competition the situation will … Read more

Tour operators began to offer trips for issuing cards in foreign banks

Russian tour operators have launched the sale of tours abroad for those wishing to issue cards of international payment systems in local banks, the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) reports. Visa and MasterCard have stopped working in the Russian Federation and servicing Russian cards abroad. ATOR writes that for those who want to … Read more

Airlines and tour operators cancel flights to the Caribbean and Latin America

Russian airlines and tour operators are canceling flights to the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Venezuela and Cuba, the Russian Association of Tour Operators said. She suggests that this is due to the decision of European countries to close their airspace: flights due to overflights become difficult and “fantastically expensive”. According to ATOR estimates, more than 150,000 … Read more