Elon Musk considered it unlikely that Ukraine would win in the event of a “total” conflict with Russia

The population of Ukraine is three times smaller than that of Russia, so the victory of Kyiv in the event of a crisis escalating into an all-out conflict is unlikely. This was stated by the American entrepreneur Elon Musk in his social networks. .

The Ministry of Internal Affairs recorded a decrease in the total number of criminal acts in the Russian Federation

Federal News Agency The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia published data on the state of crime in Russia for eight months of 2022. According to the department, during this period the number of crimes decreased by 1.5%, including grave and especially grave crimes by 5.7%. For eight months, 3.9% fewer facts of intentional infliction … Read more

Vučić: West expected total defeat of Russia

Global Look Press | IMAGO/Christian Spiker Western countries hoped for their victory and the complete defeat of Russia. This statement was made by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic in an interview with the Tanjug agency. The Serbian President noted that his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin would not give up and would fight to the end. According … Read more

The total amount of Russian-Chinese investment projects amounted to $160 billion

Russia and China are closely cooperating in the direction of capital investments. The total amount of all investment projects between the countries is about $160 billion, director of the First Asian Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry Georgy Zinoviev said in an interview for RIA Novosti. .

Russia’s Foreign Ministry says total war has been declared on Russia

MFA Russia/Globallookpress Russia declared total war. Such a statement was made on September 6 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. According to Deputy Head of the Russian Foreign Ministry Sergei Ryabkov, the corresponding confrontation is being conducted in hybrid forms. We are talking about all areas, he explained. Earlier, the Ministry … Read more

Intelligence veteran Klupov praised Kyiv’s “total defense” doctrine

Federal News Agency Intelligence veteran, Hero of Russia Rustem Klupov, in an interview with MK, appreciated the American tactics of “total defense” used by Kyiv. As it became known, Kyiv uses the tactics developed in the USA, which provide for sabotage in the Russian rear, information attacks and the organization of territorial defense through the … Read more

Political scientist Romanov: Russophobic policy will plunge the Baltic countries into a total crisis

Federal News Agency The key to the harmonious existence of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia lies in partnership with Russia. However, the leaders of the Baltic states are refusing peaceful coexistence with Moscow and pragmatic measures. This opinion was voiced by political scientist Roman Romanov in an interview with the international editorial office of the Federal … Read more