Victoria Zhigunova told how she ended up in an oncology clinic

Moscow, 6 February. The wife of Honored Artist of Russia Sergey Zhigunov Victoria shared her memories of her stay in the oncology clinic. Zhigunova decided to tell a personal story about her illness and the operation she had 18 years ago. Then the artist’s wife was found to have cells that are usually located next … Read more

Auto experts told how to reduce the cost of a car when buying by 10%

Moscow, 6 February. The owners of the car, when selling it, usually add 10% to the real cost in order to bargain. Experts talked about the nuances that allow you to buy a car cheaper. Ads with colorful photos and descriptions should be ignored – they are posted by car dealerships and those who love … Read more

Yulia Proskuryakova told how Igor Nikolaev conquered her

Moscow, 5 February. The relationship between singer Yulia Proskuryakova and composer Igor Nikolaev began gradually. The musician did not try to “tame” his new friend. According to Proskuryakova, Nikolaev gave her flowers and gifts, but there was some distrust between them. The performer did not immediately see her fate in him. “I will say more: … Read more

figure skater Urmanov admitted who first told him about the victory at the Olympics

Olympic champion in men’s single skating Alexei Urmanov, in an interview with the FAN, admitted that he was not the first to know about the victory in the 1994 Olympics. According to him, his friend, figure skater, two-time Olympic champion Sergei Grinkov, told him about the long-awaited victory from the stands. Young people in the … Read more

Putin and Xi spoke about the new gas contract between Russia and China

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping hold talks in Beijing before the opening ceremony of the Olympics. During the meeting, the heads of the two countries announced the development of “unprecedented” relations between states and the strengthening of mutual trust. Mr. Putin also said that Russia would supply China with 10 billion … Read more

Virologist Altshtein told whether it is possible to pick up Omicron immediately after Delta

Virologist, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Chief Researcher of the Gamaleya National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology Anatoly Altstein in conversation with FAN said that “Delta” and “Omicron” can still be infected alternately. “This is an area where it is impossible to categorically state that this cannot happen for anything. Therefore, one cannot rigidly … Read more

“We need to support not only current exports, but also future ones” // Head of EXIAR Nikita Gusakov on the development of export insurance in the Russian Federation

General Director of EXIAR JSC Nikita Gusakov, in an interview with Kommersant, spoke about the results of the agency’s work for ten years and the state of export insurance in Russia and in the world, and also assessed the prospects for the supply of Russian products to new markets. .

“Stocks of finished products are at minimum levels” // Evgeny Agureev, Deputy General Director of ALROSA

Why ALROSA is waiting for a shortage of diamonds on the market this year, Kommersant was told by the company’s deputy general director Evgeny Agureev. .

Colonel Bezrukov told what borders Russia will stop after responding to a strike on the Donbass

Kiev, February 2. If the Ukrainian government, incited by the British “partners”, nevertheless decides to strike at the LDNR, Russia will undoubtedly respond and will not stop at neutralizing the Armed Forces of Ukraine and reaching the line of demarcation. Nevertheless, Russia will not go to the borders of the former Soviet Union, as some … Read more