The cycle is maintained: Leonkov told when the entire collective West will be ready for a big war with the Russian Federation

Federal news agency Many years of experience in confronting Russia with the collective West allows us to accurately calculate when the US and the EU will be ready for a big war with the Russian Federation. The West is unlikely to be ready for a military clash with Russia immediately after the special operation in … Read more

Die Welt analysts told how the nationalization of Uniper will turn out for Germany

Stefan Koriot, a professor at the Ludwig Maximilian University, recalled that the Constitutional Court of Germany had earlier abolished the “coal tax” for a similar reason, a surcharge on the cost of electricity that all consumers in the country had to pay. .

Kedmi told how the attempt to disrupt the referendums will end for Kyiv

The consequences of the new counterattacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the studio of Vladimir Solovyov were predicted by a military expert, the former head of the Israeli special services, Yakov Kedmi, noting that the Ukrainian side has been actively probing the defense of the allied forces along the entire line of contact … Read more

The travel industry told about the return of money for tours of conscripts

Tour operators and agents began to call concerned tourists and ask about the possibility of canceling trips after the announcement of partial mobilization by Russian President Vladimir Putin on September 21, the companies told Izvestia. There is no point in canceling a tour abroad now, since this can only be done with a fine – … Read more

The expert told what will happen to the ruble until the end of the week

Analyst Antonov predicted the lateral movement of the ruble this week © RIA Novosti / Grigory SysoevElectronic scoreboard of the currency exchange office © RIA Novosti / Grigory Sysoev Electronic scoreboard of the currency exchange office. Archive photo MOSCOW, September 22 – RIA Novosti. Until the end of this week, the dollar / ruble, euro … Read more

Residents of the European part of Russia were told about the weather in October

In early October, residents of the European part of Russia expect moderately warm, cloudy and rainy weather. Alina Kotilevskaya, a leading specialist of the Phobos Center, told Izvestia about this on September 21. According to her, the main process that will determine the weather in the third decade of September and early October is an … Read more