Endocrinologist Barukhina told Novosibirsk about ways to lose weight quickly

pxhere.com New Year’s Eve is less than a month away. Information about whether it is possible to lose weight before the New Year holidays was shared by the doctor endocrinologist, diabetologist of the network of multidisciplinary clinics for the whole family “1 + 1” Yulia Barukhina. According to the online publication “MK in Novosibirsk”, it … Read more

Sadalsky told how the spirit of Moses revealed the cause of his death

prt scr youtube.com | Boris Moiseev Actor Stanislav Sadalsky took part in the program of psychic Vlad Kadoni on TV-3. As part of the show, the spirit of the late vocalist Boris Moiseev revealed the true cause of his death. Sadalsky said that there was a witch in the project who managed to contact the … Read more

Zakharova told an “unfortunate joke” about the OSCE and the Korean Peninsula

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) has failed in its main mission. This was stated on December 4 by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova. “The OSCE has failed in its main mission of ensuring security and cooperation in Europe. There is neither one nor the other. And … Read more

Analysts told how the USSR tried to get the drawings of the first American UAV

The Soviet government was interested in obtaining drawings of Barlow’s invention, but the engineer asked for too much money for his services. In addition, the USSR began to suspect the American of working for the special services, so the deal did not take place. However, Moscow did not abandon the idea of ​​​​creating UAVs and … Read more