A kindergarten teacher in the Krasnoyarsk Territory hit a five-year-old child with his head on the toilet

According to the media, everything happened on September 28 in Minusinsk. The boy came home and told his mother what had happened. Other children also confirmed the information about the beating. According to the woman, the boy underwent a medical examination, according to the results of which the parents plan to go to the police.

Manukyan “encouraged” Pugacheva by saying that her photo is still hanging on the toilet doors in the dumplings shop

Do you know how people reacted to this? Portraits of the “prima donna” and Maxim Galkin were hung at the entrance to the toilet under the letters “M” and “F” in one of the dumplings in Rostov-on-Don. This city, as it happened, “loves” this family with some kind of quivering love. So that’s what I … Read more

Flush your worries down the toilet. The Japanese Museum relieves its visitors of adversity and helps to make life better

The Mantokuji Temple Museum in Gunma Prefecture helps locals get rid of bad karma, toxic relationships, and everything else that doesn’t suit people in life. Museum guests can literally flush their anxieties down the toilet. For this, the museum has two mascots. The first helps to get rid of something, the second – to acquire. … Read more

Black caviar from the film “White Sun of the Desert” was flushed down the toilet after filming

Fans of the film “White Sun of the Desert” remember the episode in which the performer of the role of Vereshchagin, Pavel Luspekaev, eats black caviar with spoons. It turned out that after filming the scene, the scarce delicacy was simply flushed down the toilet. .

Doctor Isaev called the main danger of long abstinence from going to the toilet

unsplash.com Long-term abstinence from going to the toilet can result in serious health problems, warned urologist Timur Isaev. The bladder is especially affected by abstinence. Subsequently, its walls can be greatly stretched, and it will stop working. It is not necessary to endure, said Timur Isaaev in an interview with the radio station “Moscow Speaks”. … Read more

In Kirovgrad, a man beat a friend to death with a chair for not flushing the toilet

The publication clarifies that on September 10, the accused, along with a friend, came to visit a friend for joint drinking of alcoholic beverages. The man wanted to wash his hands. Going to the toilet, he noticed that the toilet was not flushed. The guest pointed out to the owner of the dwelling that he … Read more

Microscopic toilet in the Sapsan train infringed on the rights of Stas Baretsky

The showman still managed to leave the toilet, nothing threatens his life and health. Despite the terrible situation that happened to Baretsky, he does not plan to lose weight, but still intends to go to court and restore his rights. .

Poisonous 3-meter snake stuck in the toilet of a residential building in South Africa

A terrible discovery was made in one of the residential buildings in South Africa. An electrician who checked the premises found a three-meter poisonous mamba in the wall of the toilet, which was stuck in communications, writes Newsweek. .

A resident of India saved her son from a tiger who attacked him while going to the toilet

A resident of India saved her 1.5-year-old son from a tiger that attacked the child while going to the toilet. The mother raised the alarm, local residents came running to her cry, and the predator left the “prey” and disappeared into the forest, writes The Siasat Daily. .