Gas meter rolled up billions // German gas importers estimated losses from falling supplies from Russia

German gas companies have previously estimated at €32 billion their potential losses from short deliveries of Russian gas to the country for the period from October 1, 2022 to April 1, 2024. The German authorities, in order to cover these costs of companies, have introduced a gas tax for end consumers. At the same time, … Read more

The invisible side of the market // The government specifies sanctions blackouts in the economy

The government consistently closes access to databases on legal entities and individuals in order to avoid the expansion of sanctions. In particular, the Ministry of Finance proposes to formalize the list of companies that will be able to classify part of the data about themselves in the registers of legal entities and financial statements, such … Read more

The register of troubled houses will be restarted ahead of schedule

The Ministry of Construction published a draft government decree on the early cancellation of the moratorium calculated before the end of the year on the inclusion of protracted construction projects in the register of troubled houses. To clarify: houses and developers are included in the register in the event of a delay in the completion … Read more

Integration accepted for commission // A special body will deal with the industrial policy of the EAEU

The prime ministers of the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) have agreed to establish a commission on integration and industrial cooperation to try to harmonize the industrial policies of the five countries. It is assumed that the new body of the EAEU will select the most promising integration projects in priority sectors. However, … Read more

Housing and communal services arranges utility networks for investors

Depreciation of utility networks – there are more than 900 thousand km of them – as follows from the report for the meeting of the State Council Presidium, depending on the area, it is estimated from 30.8% to 45.6%, while no more than 2.2% is updated annually. Earlier, it was already mentioned the need to … Read more

By capacity and online // The Ministry of Industry and Trade complains about the difficulties with the digitalization of licensing of pharmaceutical companies

The Ministry of Industry and Trade appealed to the government with a request to increase the terms for issuing licenses for pharmaceutical activities online. The ministry refers to the lack of staff and the difficulty of collecting documents by officials – and, according to the interlocutor of Kommersant in the government, this is not a … Read more

Preferential mortgages returned in February

The authorities are returning the interest rate on preferential mortgages for new buildings to the February level, reducing it from 9% to 7% per annum – apparently, this is the biggest economic news of the SPIEF that ended on Saturday. The measure is necessary in order to long-term support the demand for housing, which has … Read more

Invincible reserves // New KOM rules may not reduce power prices

After many years of discussions, the System Operator agreed to reduce the minimum reserve in the power system by almost 14 GW, or 40%. Such a step should lead to a drop in prices for energy capacity: in the European part of the Russian Federation and the Urals – by 17%, and in Siberia – … Read more