Loans were reissued to infrastructure // The conditions for financing projects through the issue of bonds were softened

The government expanded the action of the infrastructure bonds program – by easing the requirements for the maximum level of the debt burden of regions wishing to take part in such projects. Now, territories with a level of debt to income from 50% to 75% (previously up to 50%) will be able to connect to … Read more

Russian turbines will cost dearly // Power units for them will cost business 440 billion rubles

Wholesale electricity consumers will pay 30-40 billion rubles for the construction of five power units on Russian gas turbines. per year, calculated by Vygon Consulting. The total additional load after the commissioning of 1.6 GW projects will amount to 440 billion rubles. until 2043. However, in Russia it is possible to build more such power … Read more

Liquefy the Fatherland // The Ministry of Industry and Trade proposes to allocate 127 billion rubles. for the localization of equipment for LNG

As Kommersant found out, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has prepared a plan for the localization of equipment for LNG projects in Russia until 2030 worth 127 billion rubles. Of these, about 37 billion rubles. proposed to be obtained from the budget. The ministry hopes that the program will increase the share of Russian … Read more

The game with proceeds // Bookmakers won the European Football Championship

The European Football Championship contributed to the growth of rates among Russian bookmakers, helped them to increase their revenue and return to pre-pandemic indicators already in the first half of the year. To consolidate the success, in the opinion of market participants, must be mixed martial arts and the Olympics. But bookmakers fear that the … Read more

Mail Deploys Magazines // Company Sharply Increased Subscriptions

Russian Post showed a record increase in subscriptions in the first half of the year, increasing its catalog by 850 publications. The company was helped in this by the departure from the market of other large players – “Agency” Rospechat “” and the Agency for Subscription and Retail (APR). From 2022, Russian Post hopes to … Read more

The head of Chukotka proposed to increase the “Arctic” cashback to 50 thousand rubles

Governor of Chukotka Roman Kopin proposed to Rosturizm to increase the maximum tourist cashback for holidays in the Arctic and the Far Eastern Federal District (FEFD) from 20 thousand rubles. up to 50 thousand rubles. He also spoke in favor of state participation in the organization of local festivals. “The so-called“ Arctic ”cashback will reduce … Read more

MTS joined the Comedy Club // The company organizes a tour of the artists of the show

MTS will become a long-term promoter of Comedy Club Production performances. Under the contract, the production company will hold more than 250 events in Russian cities until the end of 2023, while MTS will deal with ticket sales and organizing venues. The operator wants to load its own halls in the regions, and the Comedy … Read more

Companies do not add up to the “Yarovaya package” // APKIT spoke out against the new requirements for data storage

The Association of Computer and Information Technology Enterprises (APKIT) criticized the bill, which extends the requirement of the “Yarovaya package” for three-year storage of traffic to the internal communication networks of large companies. We can talk about hundreds of terabytes of data. If the initiative is adopted, companies will have to increase the cost of … Read more

“Sbermarket” goes to the dark side // The company can deploy a network of darkstores

Sbermarket plans to launch darkstores in addition to the already used delivery model from supermarkets. The first partner will be the Metro network, which the project will allow to increase its presence in the regions. For Sbermarket itself, the dark store model will help improve customer experience and improve logistics efficiency, experts say. As Kommersant … Read more