The UN is not a friend to bitcoin // UNCTAD sees the need to tighten control over the cryptocurrency market

Cryptocurrencies help blur the tax base and undermine capital controls in developing economies, follows from the work of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). In most of these countries, there is no tax regulation of cryptocurrencies, and their users have no incentive to report their assets. The problem of capital outflow is … Read more

Every third person tried to become an entrepreneur // Monitoring of business activity

Survey data from Ipsos, a market research firm, shows an increase in entrepreneurial activity around the world. One third of respondents (a total of 21,000 people surveyed in 26 countries) reported having entrepreneurial experience. The same number are ready to start their own business in the next two years. The share of people interested in … Read more

Juice for growth // The maximum volume of packaging for children’s drinks can be increased

Amid food packaging shortages, juice producers are asking the government to increase the size limit for beverage containers for young children from 0.2 liters to 0.5 liters. A similar relief has already been adopted for milk baby food, but due to the temporary nature of this measure, there is no particular effect yet. Market participants … Read more

Housing and communal services arranges utility networks for investors

Depreciation of utility networks – there are more than 900 thousand km of them – as follows from the report for the meeting of the State Council Presidium, depending on the area, it is estimated from 30.8% to 45.6%, while no more than 2.2% is updated annually. Earlier, it was already mentioned the need to … Read more

Hardships and deprivations of contract litigation // Naftogaz of Ukraine is going to sue Gazprom

Ukraine is going to start new arbitration proceedings with Gazprom under a gas transit contract. Naftogaz is not happy that Gazprom did not fully pay for the contracted capacities in May, although before that the Ukrainian company itself deprived the monopoly of the opportunity to use some of them. According to the head of Naftogaz, … Read more

Russia hopes to start year-round navigation along the Northern Sea Route in a year

Demand for liquefied natural gas (LNG) is forecast to grow largely due to the Asian market, said Russian Foreign Ministry Ambassador-at-Large, Russia’s senior Arctic Council official Nikolai Korchunov. According to him, the launch of year-round navigation along the Northern Sea Route in 2023–2024 will make it possible to increase Russian LNG supplies in the eastern … Read more

Tatneft may start producing oil in Libya this year

Tatneft Deputy General Director Rinat Aflyatunov said that the company is ready to increase oil production and exploration this year. According to him, the increase in oil reserves can reach the level of annual production of 28 million tons compared to 25 million tons in 2021. In addition, this year Tatneft plans to start oil … Read more

Wine merchants increase the degree // Luding Group will launch new spirits

Against the background of the expected sharp reduction in alcohol imports in the Russian Federation due to the geopolitical and economic crisis, market participants are trying to localize the production of some drinks. Thus, the Luding Group launched the production of vodka and tinctures at a plant in Kolomna near Moscow, and plans to start … Read more

Kryptonite was discovered in Spectra // Rostec creates 5G equipment on an open interface

Structures of “Rostec” will develop base stations 5G together with NPK “Kryptonit” controlled by “IKS Holding”. The latter has already prepared for the state corporation the terms of reference for experimental design work (R&D) on the components of the stations. In total, Rostec plans to invest 4.4 billion rubles in research and development in this … Read more