The Ministry of Emergency Situations warned residents of the Bryansk region about a thunderstorm

On Sunday, September 18, a thunderstorm is expected in the Bryansk region. On Saturday, September 17, reports NASHBRYANSK.RU with reference to the regional department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. “Rain is predicted during the day, sometimes heavy, sometimes with a thunderstorm. Wind gusts will reach 15-19 m / s, ”the message says. As a … Read more

Moscow is preparing for a thunderstorm, wind and rain

Metropolitan services are preparing for heavy rain and wind, which are expected in Moscow on July 27 and 28. According to Deputy Mayor for Housing and Public Utilities and Improvement Petr Biryukov, in some areas of the city up to 40 millimeters of precipitation may fall, and wind gusts will reach 17 meters per second. … Read more

Forecasters warned of a thunderstorm in Moscow on July 26

Thunderstorm, intermittent rain in places, partly cloudy weather and up to 30 degrees Celsius – this weather awaits Muscovites on Tuesday, July 26. The relevant information is published on the website of the Russian Hydrometeorological Center. During the day in Moscow, the air temperature will be from 28 to 30 degrees above zero, at night … Read more

Forecasters predicted hot weather and a thunderstorm in Moscow on July 11

Partly cloudy, intermittent rain and thunderstorms are expected in the capital region on Monday, July 11. The weather is reported on the website of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia. During the day in Moscow the air is expected to reach +31…+33 degrees, at night the thermometers will drop to +18…+20 degrees. A southeasterly wind is … Read more

A thunderstorm will break out in Moscow soon

In the next three hours, a downpour with a thunderstorm and strong winds will fall on Moscow, a warning was issued by the capital’s head office of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. “According to the forecasts of weather forecasters of Roshydromet, in the next 1-3 hours, with preservation until the end of the day … Read more

The hydrometeorological center warned residents of the Moscow region about heavy rains with thunderstorms The yellow level of weather danger was announced in the Moscow region due to expected heavy rainfall, the Russian Hydrometeorological Center said. Thunderstorms, heavy rain and strong winds are approaching the region. The danger warning will be valid until 09:00 on June 22. Forecasters advised local residents to be careful and, if possible, stay … Read more

The hydrometeorological center announced a yellow level of weather danger in Moscow and the region due to a thunderstorm

In the Russian capital, the warning will be in effect from 16:00 on June 14 until midnight on June 15. In the Moscow region – from 12:00 Tuesday to 00:00 June 15. In addition, a fire warning is also in effect in the Moscow region until 21:00 Tuesday. .