Omsk hospital has achieved through the court the payment of 565 thousand rubles for a spoiled vaccine against COVID-19

During the court session, it turned out that because of the defective freezer of the Biryusa refrigerator, doctors lost 755 doses of the Gam-COVID-Vak vaccine, as it became unusable due to a spontaneous violation of the temperature storage regime, Omsk-inform reports. . .

Loboda for 250 thousand was not needed in the Maldives | TVNZ Anton Dobrin, director of the RocketBooking concert agency, in an interview with spoke about the prospects for singer Svetlana Loboda after the Russian stage closed for her. He is sure that now the artist will have to reduce her ardor and reduce her financial demands. “There is no demand for Loboda … Read more

Since the beginning of the year, Primorsky residents have been given more than two thousand Far Eastern hectares

The department noted that the program continues to be popular. Since the beginning of this year, 2,171 residents of the region have already become owners of Far Eastern hectares. This is 531 sites more than in the same period last year, according to IA PrimaMedia. .

Gas prices in Europe fell below $1,700 per thousand cubic meters

Exchange gas prices in Europe for the first time since July 25 fell below $1,700 per thousand cubic meters © RIA Novosti / Alexey VitvitskyPipeline designed to transport Russian gas to the EU © RIA Novosti / Alexey Vitvitsky A pipeline designed to transport Russian gas to the EU. Archive photo MOSCOW, September 26 – … Read more

Russian doctors have identified more than 40 thousand new cases of coronavirus infection per day

According to statistics, over the past day, Russian doctors have identified 40,188 new cases of coronavirus infection, 1,526 patients needed hospitalization. It is noted that most cases were recorded in Moscow. 44,257 people have fully recovered, 85 Russians have become victims of the COVID-19 pandemic. .

A resident of Cherepovets lost 282 thousand rubles after a call from a false employee of the State Services

The swindler convinced a 48-year-old man that illegal transactions were being made with his accounts. In this regard, the victim handed over personal data to the interlocutor, and also voiced the codes from the SMS. Subsequently, the citizen discovered that 282 thousand rubles had disappeared from his card. .

“Nikolai” with an accomplice beat and robbed a resident of Murino for 370 thousand rubles

Soon Nikolai came to the applicant’s house to inspect the flat. The attacker, about to leave, let his accomplice inside. They tied the victim up and began torturing him. Then, having received 2 thousand rubles, one of the raiders went to buy beer. .