You can’t get away from personal income tax // Russians working from abroad will be taxed

The Ministry of Finance has not forgotten about the citizens who left the Russian Federation, but continue to work for Russian companies. Now, after six months of staying in another country, such employees lose their tax resident status in the Russian Federation and are exempted from paying income tax on the salary they receive, since … Read more

Apartments do not find tenants // The cost of rented housing is reduced

The outbreak of the crisis led to an increase in the supply of housing for long-term rent by 18-30%: previously rented apartments, lots that could not be quickly sold due to the high cost of mortgages, and housing of Russians who left the country entered the market. Even against the backdrop of stable demand, competition … Read more

The publication will be launched on the “New” // Journalists of one of the leading Russian media announced the launch of an independent project outside the country

Journalists from Novaya Gazeta, who left Russia, are launching an online publication Novaya in one of the European countries. Europe”. The project is not a foreign branch of the Russian edition, news will be published on the site not only in Russian, but also in English and German, Kirill Martynov, editor-in-chief of the publication, … Read more

Workforce slowdown // Employers suspend hiring new employees

Recruitment agencies surveyed by Kommersant record a “freeze” in hiring new employees by a number of companies. At the same time, the demand for top managers, on the contrary, has even grown – enterprises need managers capable of making quick decisions in the current difficult conditions, in addition, new managers are required to replace those … Read more