Novikov Group will freeze pizzas // Restaurateur structures are preparing for the production of semi-finished products

Against the backdrop of a reduction in the presence in Russia of foreign chains of pizzerias and large suppliers of this product, Arkady Novikov, the owner of Novikov Group and partners, can launch a project in this segment. The structures of the restaurateur are preparing to release their semi-finished products for pizza for supply to … Read more

The UN is not a friend to bitcoin // UNCTAD sees the need to tighten control over the cryptocurrency market

Cryptocurrencies help blur the tax base and undermine capital controls in developing economies, follows from the work of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). In most of these countries, there is no tax regulation of cryptocurrencies, and their users have no incentive to report their assets. The problem of capital outflow is … Read more

Every third person tried to become an entrepreneur // Monitoring of business activity

Survey data from Ipsos, a market research firm, shows an increase in entrepreneurial activity around the world. One third of respondents (a total of 21,000 people surveyed in 26 countries) reported having entrepreneurial experience. The same number are ready to start their own business in the next two years. The share of people interested in … Read more

The industry continues to lose imports // Monitoring of the market situation

The new issue of the Gaidar Institute’s (IEP) bulletin of market surveys published the results of a study of the provision of industrialists with raw materials, materials and components. As it turned out, in July, this provision from Russian suppliers increased to 79% – up to the average level of previous years. The supply of … Read more

Warned, means not fined // FAS cleans up sanctions for violations in procurement

The FAS intends to introduce a risk-based approach when punishing customers and suppliers for violations in public procurement. Thus, the service proposes to introduce differentiated amounts of fines for violations, as well as warnings for a number of compositions, which will reduce administrative pressure on businesses. The preparation of the FAS amendments is largely due … Read more

Only quad-copy the sky // In Russia, the production of drones will be expanded

Drone maker COEX has sold the industrial portion of its business to droneport developer Hive. Now Hive offers quadcopters from DJI with its systems, which stopped deliveries to Russia due to hostilities in Ukraine. The buyer promises to invest more than 100 million rubles in production. before the end of the year and reach the … Read more

Most CEOs in the world expect a recession in their regions

More than 60% of directors and top managers of companies around the world expect a downturn in the economy within 12-18 months, according to a survey by The Conference Board. 15% of top managers believe that their regions are already in recession. A total of 750 people from Asia, Europe and North America, including 450 … Read more

Half-turn to the East // New ways of logistics discussed at SPIEF

Russian companies have already partially reoriented the logistics of their supplies from the western to the eastern direction: for example, the turnover of the Far Eastern ports grew by 46% year-on-year. However, the majority of market participants who spoke at SPIEF on Thursday, June 16, preferred to speak cautiously about a full-fledged “pivot to the … Read more