The Roman Viktyuk Theater announced the cancellation of performances from September 24 to October 9

Performances at the Roman Viktyuk Theatre, which were supposed to be shown between September 24 and October 9, have been cancelled. This was reported on the website of the cultural institution. .

The Crave Theater canceled the author’s show of Ekaterina Varnava

The next show of the show “Absolutely Naga” was supposed to take place on September 22. According to, Varnava arrived at the theater two hours before the start of the performance, changed clothes, but then the performance was replaced by another – What women want. The production with the star was later removed from … Read more

Ten people were injured in the collapse of the stairs in the Roman theater

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Sukhorukov called the rumors about his return to the Mossovet theater a provocation

Sukhorukov himself reacted extremely negatively to such rumors, having disagreements with Marchelli. According to Victor, all the artistic director’s statements are “provocation, stupidity and meanness.” He demanded that Yevgeny “forget him forever” and assured that he would not return to the theater while such a person was in charge. .

Orbakaite called the news about the scandal at the Vakhtangov Theater absurd

The singer told Gazeta.Ru that she really visited the theater in the company of Urgant, but it was a premiere at the Theater of Nations. According to the artist, this is her last exit to the theater in recent times, since she has a very busy schedule. .

Actor Andrei Chubchenko believes that Olga Buzova “destroyed” the Moscow Art Theater

Chubchenko believes that the scandalous singer literally “destroyed” the Moscow Art Theater. In addition, the removal of Tatyana Doronina from the post of head of the theater also had a bad effect on the development of the institution, he concluded. .

The Bolshoi Theater plans cooperation with fashion designer Igor Chapurin

The Bolshoi Theater opened its 247th season. The plans include three operas, four ballets. Perhaps one of the performances of the new season will be designed by Russian fashion designer Igor Chapurin. He himself told Izvestia about this. “The older Big, the younger what he does. This is the real energy of modern choreography and … Read more

Russian director Philip Los lost his job at the Tallinn theater because of the words about Russophobia

Los is reported to have criticized the Estonian authorities for “rotten Russophobia”. The theater director also noted that today the situation of Russian citizens in the country is comparable to how Jews were treated during the Second World War. According to the director of the institution, Svetlana Janchek, it was not an easy decision to … Read more