Immunity lags behind rising prices // Pharmaceutical companies do not want to supply vaccines on the same terms

In April-May, state customers failed to purchase foreign vaccines to prevent a number of diseases, including poliomyelitis, diphtheria, tetanus, and pneumococcal infection. Manufacturers – Sanofi, Pfizer and their Russian partners – refused to participate in auctions, since it is unprofitable to supply drugs even at the maximum purchase price due to currency fluctuations and a … Read more

Knocked on the bottom of the debt hole // The World Bank is worried about China’s “hidden” loans to problem countries

China’s emerging-market lending boom has created an overburden and debt service problems for a number of governments, which now face the risk of defaults and successive debt restructurings. The main difference between Chinese loans is that they are provided on behalf of state-owned banks, borrowers are required to maintain confidentiality, and delinquencies, which are technically … Read more

Emergency housing was rushed // The program of its resettlement is ahead of schedule

Fifty regions are ready to implement the program for resettlement of emergency housing, recognized as such until 2017, ahead of schedule – Kommersant was told by the Fund for Assistance to Housing and Utilities Reform (Housing and Utilities Fund). In general, the resettlement of such housing stock is still ahead of schedule: the indicators for … Read more

The concept of development of the rehabilitation system for disabled people was approved

The government yesterday approved a concept for the development of a comprehensive rehabilitation and habilitation system for the disabled for the next three years. This document, explained Mikhail Mishustin, is intended to ensure “the availability of all services intended for people with disabilities.” Thus, it is planned to create a list of such services, expand … Read more

Cheap money does not exist for a long time // The government had to add funds to the program of concessional loans

At the end of the year, the White House allocated additional funding to subsidize soft loans to small businesses under the 1764 program. The decision was caused by high demand – the limits under the program in most banks were exhausted in the spring, but in practice, the most active loans were given to “mimics” … Read more

Expertise in the legal dimension // The Ministry of Education and Science returned to the issue of the scientific assessment of budget spending on science

The clarity of the process of conducting scientific and scientific and technical expertise will contribute to the quality of research and development – with a view to this, the Ministry of Education and Science proposes to establish a number of features of conducting such an examination in the interests of the authorities in order to … Read more

Fitness has kept the pace // The dynamics of the closure of clubs remains high

The restrictions that persisted during the pandemic and the resulting increase in the costs of the fitness industry led to the fact that in the outgoing year up to 20% of clubs will be closed across the country. In general, over a year and a half, about 40% of objects have stopped working. Market participants … Read more

Distributor for the little ones // Artsana found a sales partner for Chicco toys in Russia

The Italian group Artsana, which produces Chicco toys, which are among the five best-selling brands in large chains in Russia, has found a partner to work in the Russian Federation. It was Inventive Toys, which will distribute the company’s products, including to marketplaces. Online toy sales have spurred campaign payments to families with children this … Read more

Hacking as if on command // Unpatched vulnerabilities found in Microsoft Teams

German cybersecurity researchers Positive Security have discovered vulnerabilities in the Microsoft Teams platform, which is one of the five most popular communications tools for Russian businesses. Vulnerabilities threaten with phishing attacks on users or the appearance of malicious links, experts warn. At the same time, they estimate that Microsoft Teams, which targets corporations, has fewer … Read more