“Fair Russia – for the truth” proposed to pay the 13th pension

Deputies of the Just Russia for Truth (SRZP) faction will submit to the State Duma a bill on the payment of the 13th pension in the autumn session, party leader Sergei Mironov said. It is assumed that this may require 654.8 billion rubles. The Liberal Democratic Party noted that it had already introduced a similar … Read more

“Fair Russia – For the Truth” will introduce a bill to reduce the retirement age

Deputies of A Just Russia – For Truth (SRZP) will submit to the State Duma a bill to reduce the retirement age, party chairman Sergei Mironov said. In December 2021, the State Duma, by a majority of votes, did not support similar bills from A Just Russia and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. … Read more

“Fair Russia – For Truth” has developed a project on preferential mortgages of 3% for large families

Deputies from the Just Russia – For Truth faction, led by leader Sergei Mironov, and Senator Olga Epifanova have developed a bill on preferential mortgages at a rate of 3% for large families. Earlier, parliamentarians sent the draft to the government of the Russian Federation for conclusion. According to the explanatory note to the draft … Read more

Falling down the rabbit hole // The elusive reality of the global energy crisis

Formally, in 2021, an energy crisis occurred in the world. On the other hand, no one has died from this crisis so far, which means that it seems to be not a crisis at all. The banal truth that everything depends on the point of view is supplemented with historical examples by the editor of … Read more