An employee of the colony saved a woman freezing in the forest in the Urals

A worker of the colony heard a scream in the forest next to the railway. In the end, she found the victim, who was immobilized due to severe cold. The woman called her husband, who called an ambulance. As a result, the citizen was hospitalized. .

Animal rights activists rescued dogs tied with a rope and a chain in Lipetsk In Lipetsk, employees of the Happy Coast shelter rescued two dogs tied to each other with a rope and a chain. Animal rights activists posted this on social media. The incident occurred near the gas station on the Oktyabrsky bridge. Arrived at the place of experts fed the pets. To free the mongrels, they … Read more

A resident of Yekaterinburg helped a pensioner suffering from memory loss find relatives An elderly man suffering from memory loss almost died in the cold in Yekaterinburg. An indifferent local resident came to the aid of the lost one, the Breakthrough search team said. According to volunteers, the citizen was returning home when an unfamiliar grandfather entered the elevator with him. A conversation ensued, during which the … Read more

Omsk doctors saved a two-year-old boy with a chicken bone stuck in his bronchi Doctors removed a chicken bone from the bronchi of a two-year-old boy in Omsk. This was reported by the press service of the regional Ministry of Health. According to the department, the child dined at home with his mother and older sister. At some point, the baby was left without adult supervision and choked … Read more

A young man saved a pensioner and two children from the rubble of a collapsed house on Sakhalin

According to published data, a 20-year-old man, having heard the explosion, immediately ran to the place of emergency. The residents of the damaged house, who got out into the street, looked with horror at the ruins into which their apartments had turned, and were silent. .