American scientists have created a “growing” soft robot

The resulting prototype of soft robotics in the future can be used not only in medicine – for diagnosing human blood vessels – but also in other areas, for example, when checking or laying underground pipes. The robot uses organic matter, which inside it is converted into solid and quickly increase its mass, due to … Read more

Murashko: there is no shortage in Russian medicine even under sanctions The sanctions imposed on Russia did not cause a shortage of any goods in the medical industry. This was stated by the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Mikhail Murashko. At the same time, the Government of the Russian Federation has already instructed to develop the necessary import-substituting products. Some of them are … Read more

Russian doctors were able to remove a tumor in the kidney thanks to mixed reality technology

At the first stage, the specialists performed a computed tomography. The results were loaded into a special program. After that, they were added to the HLOIA software. To project the image onto the desired organ, the doctor needed mixed reality glasses. When the surgeon puts on the apparatus, he sees the location of the vessels, … Read more

Otolaryngologist Zaitsev listed the very first symptoms of COVID-19 The first alarming “bells” indicating the disease COVID-19 are nasal congestion, perspiration and sore throat. This was warned by an otolaryngologist, doctor of the highest category, candidate of medical sciences Vladimir Zaitsev, as reported by URA.RU. “The catch is that the early symptoms of coronavirus proceed like nasopharyngitis. In the beginning, we have nasal … Read more

Therapist Tikhomirova named seven harbingers of serious health problems Strong weight loss or weight gain may indicate the presence of serious problems with the body. Elena Tikhomirova, a general practitioner and nutritionist at SM-Clinic, warned about this in an interview with Prime. Weight loss may indicate the development of tuberculosis, cancer, or thyrotoxicosis (high levels of thyroid hormones in the blood). In the … Read more

Allergist Popovich warned about the dangers of peanuts and hazelnuts Nuts are powerful allergens, and therefore not everyone can eat them. This was warned by the allergist-immunologist Alexei Popovich and the head of the immunopathology department of the Institute of Immunology Elena Latysheva in an interview with RT. Of particular danger is hazelnuts, which can cause anaphylaxis. Be wary of peanuts, which are legumes, … Read more

Doctor Myasnikov shared the secret of the health of ancestors in the absence of medicines

The inhabitants of ancient Russia ate quite poorly, but their food was low in calories and high in fiber. At the same time, they moved more often and walked on foot. Another secret of good health was a regular visit to the bath, said Myasnikov on the air of the program “About the most important … Read more

Accidents on tram tracks in 90% of cases are due to motorists // Look

Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Transport Maxim Liksutov named the most common cause of accidents on tram tracks in the city. </p><div> <p>”Motorists are to blame for 90% of accidents that occur on tram tracks,” he said on the Telegram channel of the capital’s transport department. Liksutov recalled that due to such accidents, hundreds of … Read more