Who wrapped the world in barbed wire // Infographics

On June 25, 1867, Lucien Smith of Ohio received a patent for a steel wire fence. Barbed wire, originally conceived as a fence for livestock, gradually gained wide civilian – and even wider military – use. It can be used as an instrument of torture and is depicted on the emblem of one of the … Read more

Russian metal has not caved in yet // The fall in production due to sanctions remains insignificant

Steel production statistics in the Russian Federation for the first five months of 2022 indicate a limited impact of sanctions on the work of metallurgists. The fall in smelting amounted to 2.3%, and this is a global trend – production was reduced by all the largest players, except for India. Analysts assume that the main … Read more

Hot Finnish plans // Fortum wants to sell all assets before July 1

As it became known to Kommersant, the Finnish Fortum is collecting binding offers until June 21 for the sale of its Russian assets – Fortum and Unipro generating companies. According to Fortum’s terms, the deal must be closed before July 1. The largest Russian majors – Inter RAO, structures of Gazprom and SUEK will apply … Read more

Metallurgists harvest rice // Rosselkhozbank may sell debt to AFG National

UMMC co-owner Iskandar Makhmudov can significantly expand the scope of interests in agriculture. Structures associated with the businessman can acquire from the Russian Agricultural Bank (RSHB) the rights of claim to AFG National, the largest rice producer in the Russian Federation, which also grows cereals, potatoes, vegetables and apples. These sectors have the potential for … Read more

The largest cruise companies stopped selling tours to Russians

The largest cruise companies, including Carnival Cruise Line and its subsidiaries, have stopped selling trips to Russian citizens. This was reported by the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR). It is still possible to go on sea cruises on already purchased vouchers. Costa Cruises, a subsidiary of Carnival Cruise Line, sent a message to … Read more

Housing is growing by the forces of citizens // Monitoring of construction

According to the results of the first quarter of 2022, housing commissioning showed steady growth even with a “high base” — 29.3 million square meters were put into operation in January-March. m of housing, which is 64.6% more than in the same period in 2021. It should be noted that such input volumes are the … Read more

Turnkey pipelines // Europe is preparing to be left without Russian gas

The fate of Russian gas supplies to Europe, which were not frozen even at the height of the Cold War, remains uncertain. The largest European countries refused the demand of Russian President Vladimir Putin to pay in rubles and are now afraid of blackouts: on March 30, Germany and Austria introduced the first level of … Read more

The largest Japanese banks suspended dollar transactions with Sberbank

The largest Japanese banks Mitsubishi UFJ, Sumitomo Mitsui and Mizuho have not been conducting dollar transactions with the Russian Sberbank since March 26. This is due to US sanctions, Kyodo reported. Financial transactions in dollars were carried out by Japanese financial institutions through US correspondent banks. Other banks in Japan are expected to make similar … Read more

Fuel is delivered to carsharing // JV of Sberbank and VK bought a mobile refueling service

The largest car sharing services are looking for new ways to increase margins. The joint venture of Sberbank and VK has acquired the Proil off-site refueling service for its Citydrive company. As part of the deal, buyers could be most interested in the project’s fuel trucks, according to market participants. Competitors of Citydrive already have … Read more