The expansion of BAM hung on the branch // The government is awaiting the decision of Elgaugol on the construction of the Elga-Chumikan line

Russian Railways is ready to increase the carrying capacity of BAM by 17 million tons for the export of coal from Yakutia for the future volumes of the Elga deposit, which can be used for an investment tariff or under a ship-or-pay agreement. If “Elgaugol” needs more carrying capacity, then, according to the government, it … Read more

Cashier will be a pass behind the counter // Government tightens fiscal control over markets

A bill on toughening the rules for the use of cash registers (KKT) to whitewash trade in markets and fairs was submitted by the government to the State Duma. The innovations concern sellers – for them the list of grounds for exemption from the use of online cash registers has been reduced, as well as … Read more

Cashier does not provide information // Diana Galieva about the device of digital state support

Over this autumn, we at Kommersant saw quite a few different appeals from the business community to the government with requests to expand state support for a particular business – and they all ended with the now generally accepted phrase “we heard you”. The stories of White House officials about what they are doing do … Read more

Not quite a male state anymore // Women in the civil service in the Russian Federation rarely grow to the upper floors, but they are paid on an equal basis with men

Despite the record high share of women in public administration – over 70% – it is incorrect to talk about gender equality in the civil service in the Russian Federation. A study by the Center for Advanced Management Decisions (CPMD) of the federal civil service showed the practical absence of direct discrimination against women in … Read more

Vladimir Putin’s speech at the Russia Calling Forum The main thing

On November 30, Russian President Vladimir Putin took part in the investment forum “VTB Capital” “Russia Calls!” He spoke about the state of the Russian economy and instructed the government to develop an action plan in connection with the new strain of coronavirus. …