All-weather deadlock // WEF considers the fight against climate change both insufficient and dangerous

The ineffectiveness of the climate change response was identified as the main threat for the next ten years by respondents to the Global Risk Perceptions Survey (GRPS) at the World Economic Forum (WEF). 77% of those surveyed believe that mitigation of the human impact on the climate has not yet begun or is at the … Read more

Growth is guided by external demand // Statistics monitoring

The current portion of Rosstat data on the use of GDP in the third quarter and the dynamics of domestic demand allows fixing the weakening of the latter against the background of growth in net exports as a driving force for economic recovery. and raised the estimate of its growth in 2019 from 2% to … Read more

Mutual funds between geopolitics and inflation // What funds brought profit in the Year of the Ox

The past year turned out to be less successful for the collective investment market than the crisis year 2020. Only two-thirds of retail mutual funds showed an increase in the value of the unit. The results were negatively affected by the growth of geopolitical risks at the end of the year. This year, managers maintain … Read more

The investor’s winding path // What to expect from financial markets in 2022

International and Russian portfolio managers are wary of the outlook for next year. They do not exclude the growth of ruble stock indices while maintaining high oil prices and stable ruble positions. At the same time, experts warn of the risks of a slowdown in the global economy, rising inflation and the expansion of sanctions, … Read more

An unconventional approach // Anastasia Gavrilyuk on the hazy prospects of 5G communication in Russia

Against the background of the intensified transition to the digital environment of consumers, business and the public sector in 2021, the launch of a new 5G communication standard could become a logical step for telecom operators. For many years, it has been positioned as a tool that is directly necessary for building the digital economy. … Read more

According to the discounted program // Yulia Stepanova on the paradoxes of staff shortages in the field of technology

The shortage of IT specialists has existed since their inception as such, and is even reflected in the world literature. But in the past year, against the background of general digitalization and remote work, the personnel shortage in this area in Russia has acquired a seemingly catastrophic scale. As a result, many have rushed to … Read more

Sometimes it comes back // The term “inflation” in 2021 again in all languages ​​of the world

The acceleration of inflation this year has become the main global trend – the rise in prices has affected almost all large economies, both developed and developing. Supply-side obstacles may be removed as early as next year, but if previously stable low inflation allowed resorting to monetary support over and over again, now such incentives … Read more

Ecology has two allies – the president and the figure // Alarming prospects open up for environmental policy

Summing up the results of her first year of work as an “environmental” deputy prime minister, Victoria Abramchenko characterized her “meadow” as an “unplowed field” (see Kommersant on January 12). In 2021, it turned out that the problem is not only in the field itself: equipment and tools have long become outdated and do not … Read more