Saudi Arabia accused of executions during World Cup in Qatar

Two Saudi nationals were executed on the day of the national football team’s sensational victory over Argentina at the 2022 World Cup. This is reported by “MK”. Over the past two weeks, 17 people have been executed in Saudi Arabia. All of them were convicted of drug-related crimes. This fact caused indignation among human rights … Read more

“GENERATION. Time”. Is the death penalty necessary in modern Russia?

In our country, one of the last high-profile cases when the death penalty was used against a criminal was execution Andrey Chikatilo – a maniac who killed 53 innocent people, including women and children. Today, the question of the applicability of this capital punishment as an instrument of justice is raised especially often. In the … Read more

Three Iranians sentenced to death in Tehran for participating in rallies after the death of Mahsa Amini

Recall that the unrest in the country began in mid-September this year. The reason for the dissatisfaction of the Iranians is the death of Mahsa Amini three days after she was detained by the vice police due to improper wearing of the hijab. The provinces of Gilan, Khuzestan, Sistan and Balochistan, Tehran and Kurdistan became … Read more

lawyer Topornin on why it is difficult to prevent crimes like the Izhevsk school shooting

In this story, as in several previous ones, there are too many questions that, in fact, come down to one thing – could this tragedy have been prevented. And if the death penalty does not stop such criminals, and psychiatrists, for objective reasons, cannot keep track of all patients registered with the PND. It is … Read more

Edgard Zapashny: The lives of foreign mercenaries for Kyiv are more important than the lives of Ukrainian soldiers

The death penalty is a fair sentence for mercenaries and “human safari” lovers who arrived in Ukraine with only one goal – to kill Russians. Therefore, wailing about the fate of the British Sean PinnerandAiden Aslin and MoroccanSaadouna Brahimasentenced by the Supreme Court of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) to capital punishment are redundant. Such … Read more

moratorium on the death penalty in Russia may be lifted following a referendum

Despite this development, Slutsky pointed out, “this does not mean that the death penalty should be returned to the Criminal Code, as it was in the Soviet Union.” According to the leader of the Liberal Democrats, it is important to have a detailed approach to this issue and take a course on the mood of … Read more

In Iraq, defendants in the case of fictitious anti-terrorist operation were sentenced to death

Baghdad, 14 February. The Babil Province Iraqi Criminal Court sentenced a security official and his informant to death for killing 20 civilians during an anti-terrorism operation in December 2021. Convicts have the opportunity to appeal the verdict. On December 30, a conflict broke out in a family in the village of Al Rashayed. During it, … Read more