Parents told about socio-psychological testing for high school students

NEVA NEWS | Anastasia Barashkova The annual socio-psychological testing for students in grades 7-11 is approaching. In Istra School No. 3, at a meeting, parents were told about the importance and benefits of such testing for children. For the seventh graders it will be held for the first time. The survey is aimed at early … Read more

Izvestia: Russian banks are testing payroll through the Fast Payment System

prt scr / SBP. Fast Payment System Five Russian credit institutions tested the payroll function through the Faster Payments System (FPS) in spring and summer. This is reported by Izvestia. Sources of the newspaper note that the tests took place at the site of the FinTech association. In preparation for testing, specialists studied the … Read more

State Duma deputy Burlakov proposed to test drivers of electric scooters in the traffic police

Konstantin Kokoshkin/Global Look Press Each driver of an electric scooter should be tested at the traffic police, said Sergey Burlakov, deputy head of the sports committee. The parliamentarian said that drivers of wheeled vehicles should know their rights and obligations. They need to understand how to drive properly at crosswalks, how to ride on sidewalks, … Read more