cold snap will test the strength of the EU in a crisis

Temperatures in London will drop by almost five degrees, and parts of France and Spain will drop by three to four degrees, according to Maxar Technologies Inc. It is likely that the need for electricity will increase against the backdrop of frosts. In the UK, there is already demand for gas in the morning due … Read more

JFS: Russia prepares to test nuclear-powered Burevestnik missile

globallookpress/Rosatom The Russian military may be preparing to test a nuclear-powered Burevestnik missile, analyst Tony Roper said in a publication for Janes Fighting Ships. According to him, the plans of the Russian Armed Forces are seriously concerned about Western governments, which receive data from satellite systems. It is assumed that the tests of the rocket … Read more

Posner announced a negative test for coronavirus

TV presenter Vladimir Pozner confirmed on September 19 that he tested negative for coronavirus. In an interview with TASS, he noted that he had received a negative test for COVID-19. Posner said that he feels great and is at home. A few days earlier, some media reported on Posner’s emergency hospitalization with coronavirus. However, on … Read more

Test for readiness to lift sanctions: why Budapest stood up for Russian oligarchs

Walter Bibikow/Danita Delimont/Global Look Press The internal contradictions of the collective West have begun to afflict most of its inventory structures, including NATO and the European Union (EU). Therefore, Hungary’s request to lift sanctions against a number of Russian oligarchs is an official reflection of the general trend in European society, which is tired of … Read more

Control and supervision will be recalculated before autumn // Mandatory requirements are promised an additional test for effectiveness

The White House has until September 1 to revise the lists of mandatory business requirements, which should come into force before the end of 2024. Additional expertise was required in connection with attempts to reduce administrative pressure on entrepreneurs in the face of sanctions due to the military operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine … Read more