Putin deeply mourns the loss of life due to the terrorist attack in the Izhevsk school

Global Look Press | Kremlin Pool Russian President Vladimir Putin deeply mourns the loss of life due to the brutal terrorist attack on the Izhevsk school. The corresponding statement was made by the official representative of the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov. It is worth noting that on September 26, an unknown person broke into the school … Read more

The authorities of Zaporizhzhya reported the prevention of a terrorist attack in Akimovka

Attackers tried to commit a terrorist act in the Zaporozhye region. Regional authorities said that the criminals intended to undermine the power line in the village of Akimovka. The attack was prevented. .

A group of saboteurs was detained in Kherson for preparing terrorist attacks to disrupt the referendum

The security forces detained saboteurs in Kherson who intended to stage terrorist attacks during the referenda. The attackers pursued the goal of disrupting the event and intimidating civilians, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the GUMVD region. .

Sociologist Grill condemned Estonia for calling to recognize LDNR as terrorist organizations

The West uses completely “Goebbels” lies and shameful double standards. This statement was made by a sociologist, publicist, public figure Philip Grill in a commentary to the international editorial board of the FAN. .

The authorities of the Zaporozhye region called the explosion at the market in Melitopol a terrorist act

pxhere.com The authorities of the Zaporozhye region called the explosion in the Central Market of Melitopol a terrorist act. This was announced by the chairman of the movement “We are together with Russia” Vladimir Rogov. “The explosion is a terrorist act arranged by the special services of the Zelensky regime, which is furious because of … Read more

Russian security forces prevented a series of terrorist attacks in the Kherson region

Federal News Agency Russian law enforcement officers have identified members of a sabotage group who planned to carry out a series of terrorist attacks in the Kherson region on the eve of the referendum. This was told by a member of the security forces. One member of the group was neutralized during armed resistance, the … Read more

Belgorod authorities extended the “yellow” level of terrorist threat in the region

Federal News Agency The “yellow” level of terrorist threat will operate in the Belgorod region until October 7. Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov wrote about this in his Telegram channel. At the same time, the ban on launching firecrackers, fireworks and salutes is being extended. It will also be valid until October 7, the head of the … Read more

Law enforcement officers prevented a terrorist attack in the Kherson region

As a source in the Russian law enforcement agencies told the publication, the attack was planned in the Golopristansky district of the Kherson region. When working out the addresses from which the Ukrainian militants aimed fire at the positions of the Russian troops, the operatives managed to find improvised explosive devices. .