A resident of Sochi robbed a store and clients of a communication salon for 1.2 million rubles

In August last year, the attacker stole 19 thousand rubles at the workplace. Then the perpetrator wrote a statement to the police. The figurant said that allegedly the raider used violence against her in the store and pulled out 18 thousand rubles from the cash register, and also took away her personal 23 thousand rubles. … Read more

St. Petersburg locksmith-retired enriched telephone swindlers by 8 million rubles

An elderly locksmith said that he received several calls from some employees of the credit department. They persuaded the victim to take out a loan of 8 million rubles. The applicant indicated his apartment as collateral. Later he transferred the money to the details indicated by the swindlers. Citizen believed that transactions were made to … Read more

Tips for choosing a push-button phone were given in Roskachestvo

pxhere.com When choosing a push-button telephone, first of all, the needs of the user should be taken into account. Sergey Bodrov, head of the Center for Digital Expertise of Roskachestvo, said this in an interview with the Prime agency. If you need a phone for calls, you need to pay attention to the number of … Read more

A young resident of Tula appropriated the mobile phone of an absent-minded citizen

The 46-year-old owner of the smartphone turned to the police when he discovered the loss and could not find the device on his own. After some time, a valuable thing was found, as well as its “thief”. It turned out that a young man who did not work anywhere saw the gadget, considered it ownerless … Read more

In St. Petersburg, an attacker raped a visitor from Bashkiria and took away her phone

According to the 25-year-old applicant, a man attacked her in the evening not far from the Tsymbalinsky Bridge. The attacker sprayed the contents of the can in her face, raped her and took the phone worth 130,000 rubles. Law enforcement officers have already studied the recording from a surveillance camera installed nearby. .

More than 1.2 thousand telephone interviews were conducted with candidates for work in emergency complexes in Moscow

In Moscow, a massive recruitment of employees to emergency hospitals under construction continues. The next stage of selection started last week. During this time, more than 1.2 thousand telephone interviews were conducted. This was announced by Deputy Head of the Moscow Health Department Elena Efremova. She said: “After evaluating the applications received, employees of the … Read more

Swindlers deprived 150 thousand rubles of a resident of Krasnoyarsk who ordered a prostitute

The man complied with the conditions, but he was told about the alleged failure. The citizen retransferred the money, after which he heard that an order had been placed for two priestesses of love at once. The scammers later lied to him several times about technical failures. The applicant transferred 150,000 rubles to the criminals, … Read more

A thief with a scar stole a phone and nine rubles from a 16-year-old student in the Leningrad region

The robbery took place in the village of Begunitsy, the 47news portal writes. The mother of the victim turned to the police, saying that an unknown person attacked her son in the entrance of a residential building. The total amount of damage caused to the minor amounted to 12,009 rubles. .