Two US Navy aircraft carriers were left without drinking water due to technical problems

Earlier, a similar problem with water, in which pathogenic bacteria were found, was reported by the command of the USS Abraham Lincoln. The crew was given means of disinfecting drinking water. The fault was a breakdown in the fuel system, due to which jet fuel got into the crew’s water supply system. The first flush … Read more

Technical oversight: the number of maintenance stations in Russia has halved | Articles

In Russia, the number of technical inspection stations has halved over the year. Last year there were about 7.3 thousand of them, and in 2022 only 3.8 thousand remained, Izvestia was told in the Russian Union of Motor Insurers. Some stations closed due to the cancellation of mandatory technical inspection, while others refused to provide … Read more

The minimum cost of technical inspection of a passenger car will increase in 2023 to 913 rubles

According to Kommersant, in subjects where the technical inspection of a passenger car for a long period cost 400-500 rubles, the minimum tariff will increase to 913 rubles. At the same time, the price may rise even more if local operators manage to convince the regional authorities of the need for this on the basis … Read more

Coronado retired from US Navy due to technical issues

Coronado was launched in 2014 and a few months later returned to the US Navy base in the Hawaiian Islands to fix the problems found. In the future, the service of the representative of the class of “Coastal combat ships” turned out to be virtually impossible, Coronado was constantly out of order and could not … Read more

Supervision of technical inspection operators proposed to be transferred to Rosakkreditatsiya

The site operates with the financial support of the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation. Registered by the Federal Service for supervision in the field communications, information technology and mass communications. Registration certificates EL No. FS 77 – 76208 dated July 8, 2019, EL No. FS 77 – 72003 … Read more

Energodar authorities assessed the technical condition of the Zaporozhye NPP

Russian Look/Global Look Press The Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant (NPP) is operational, but it has to undergo repairs and a safety issue. This statement was made by the head of the military-civilian administration of Energodar, Alexander Volga. The issue of security is dealt with by employees of Rosatom and representatives of the IAEA. At the … Read more

The first festival of engineering and technical creativity “Mosavtofest” was held in Moscow

Thousands of Muscovites and guests of the capital visited Mosavtofest, where motocross, races of radio-controlled models and racing cars, exhibitions of retro and the latest models of equipment, master classes and much more awaited them. Mosavtofest is a real holiday for young engineers and their families, it was held in the Moscow technical sports park … Read more

Russian drivers were reminded of changes in technical inspection from September 1

Reviewers will no longer require the above items. Along with this, they will no longer control minor leaks of oils and working fluids in the main units of the car. But, despite the new rules, drivers will still have to have equipment that is not mandatory for maintenance in the car, since this is required … Read more