How lawyers assess the transfer of TIN to service providers

Elena Agaeva, counselor at the Egorov Puginsky Afanasiev & Partners law firm, notes that the question of whether the TIN refers to a citizen’s personal data is controversial and is resolved in different ways. Yuri Fedyukin, Managing Partner of Enterprise Legal Solutions, explains that Roskomnadzor considers TIN as information related to personal data with SNILS, … Read more

Putin freed families with children from personal income tax when selling housing

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law that exempts from paying personal income tax income received by families with two or more children who have sold housing to buy a new one. The document is published on the portal of legal information. To receive such a benefit, a family must meet a number of criteria: … Read more

Islands of Tax Benefits // The White House Considered a Bill on Preferences in the Kuril Islands

The bill on tax preferences for new projects in the Kuril Islands was considered by the government yesterday. The term of application of the previously named benefits – exemption from taxes on profits, transport, land and property, reduction of the rate of insurance premiums – has been doubled, to 20 years. The White House expects … Read more

Demand will be supported by incentives // Buyers of domestic IT solutions will be given a discount on income tax

Within the framework of the “second package” of measures to support the IT industry, the government has agreed on new benefits for buyers of domestic software and hardware. All of them relate to income tax – we are talking about the application of a multiplying coefficient to the costs of purchasing Russian solutions in the … Read more