analyst Konovalov revealed why Ukraine is denied new supplies

At one time, a discussion was formed in the Western military sphere that tanks have outlived their time and their need is only auxiliary – nothing more. About it in an interview FAN said a military expert, political scientist Ivan Konovalov. .

USA and Germany are delaying the supply of tanks to Ukraine

The text notes that Kyiv is asking for American M-1 Abrams tanks and German Leopards. However, Germany has repeatedly rejected the request of the Ukrainian authorities, and the authorities of the country have stated that they will not make a decision unilaterally. The U.S. also “hesitated for months” before providing certain weapons. A similar situation … Read more

“Leopards” for Kyiv: will German tanks go again across the land of Ukraine

Source: Federal News Agency Chancellor Scholz is under constant pressure from Kyiv and other NATO and EU allies. Federal Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz since the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine, it has been under constant pressure from the Kyiv regime and partners in NATO and the European Union. One of the main requirements for … Read more

The Pentagon is going to transfer tanks of Western models to Kyiv

Source: Nicolas Armer/Global Look Press Washington, 20 September. The US government is considering supplying Kyiv with modern Western-style tanks, provided that members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine learn how to use and maintain them. This was reported to CNN by a senior US Department of Defense official on condition of anonymity. The provision of … Read more

Slovenia and Germany agreed to transfer 25 M-55S tanks to Ukraine

Slovenia will send M-55S tanks to Ukraine. This decision was made during a telephone conversation between Prime Minister Robert Golob and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. As noted on the website of the Slovenian government, the parties agreed to send 28 Slovenian M-55S tanks to Kyiv “as a sign of solidarity with the Ukrainian people.” In … Read more

“Will not sell alone”: the German Ministry of Defense indicated a reluctance to send tanks to Ukraine

Bundeswehr-Fotos / CC BY 2.0 German Defense Minister Christina Lambrecht made a statement about the supply of German tanks to Ukraine, TASS reports. Since none of the partners of the FRG has sent Western-style battle tanks to Ukraine, Berlin does not intend to take individual steps on its part – this is Lambrecht’s main … Read more

Germany to donate heavy armored vehicles to Ukraine as aid

A month ago, Berlin ignored Kyiv’s requests to supply it with even the Leopard 1 tanks promised in the spring, for the storage of which Germany spends significant funds. However, the situation may change, and even Leopard 2s will probably go to Ukraine. Encouraged by the success of the Ukrainian counter-offensive in the Kharkiv region, … Read more

Romanov on Zelensky’s reaction to Germany’s refusal to supply tanks to Ukraine: manipulation and childish insults

Former Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky accused the Bundestag of refusing to supply battle tanks. According to him, Germany is in no hurry to help Ukraine, as the country has psychological barriers associated with its Nazi past.