The Bank of England takes emergency measures to stop the economic crisis

The material notes that the decision of the Bank of England was announced after the new government, led by Prime Minister Liz Truss, presented a program to restore the UK economy. In particular, the authorities decided to cancel the planned increase in the income tax rate. The government also wants to spend billions to protect … Read more

Demonstration “No Ukrainization of Poland” takes place in Warsaw

A demonstration under the slogan “No Ukrainization of Poland” is taking place in the center of Warsaw. According to TASS, about 200 people with Polish flags and banners gathered for the rally. The posters say “Poland is here, not Ukropol”, “The President has done more for Ukrainians in a month than he has done for … Read more

Thematic concert “We do not abandon our own” takes place on the Square of Glory in Samara

Interactive platforms will be organized on Glory Square, where it will be possible to record video messages in support of Russian military personnel, volunteers and residents of Donbass. There will also be collection points for humanitarian aid. Public and political figures, artists and creative teams, volunteers will take part in the action. .

Forum “Forests of Russia” takes place in Krasnoyarsk

The Krasnoyarsk Territory is one of the leading regions in the country in terms of the area of ​​the forest fund, the volume of reforestation and logging, the production of sawn timber and pellets, the introduction of modern technologies and the digitalization of the industry. That is why the federal authorities have chosen Krasnoyarsk as … Read more

Sochi Airport Takes Additional Measures to Prevent Illegal Taxi Transportation Additional measures to curb the facts of illegal transportation of taxis are being taken at Sochi International Airport on behalf of the head of the city, Alexei Kopaygorodsky. In order to ensure the safety of passengers, the air harbor of the resort has chosen the certified Yandex Go service, which fully ensures the occupancy … Read more

Stock blog: Dow Jones takes small profit, waiting for Powell

Stocks in New York opened Friday afternoon with fractional gains. Investors still seem a bit anxious on Friday for the speech by Fed Chairman Jerome Powell at 4 p.m. The AEX is losing half a percent, with Signify as the big winner. Bond market yields remain flat. Can’t read the fair blog? then click here.