Military experts named the main problems of the Taiwanese army

According to Taiwanese analyst Paul Huang, the armed forces of the island nation need to be modernized. If the Taiwan Ministry of Defense does not change the concept of command and control of the armed forces and the combat training program, then the Taipei army is unlikely to be able to seriously compete with the … Read more

Paraguayan Foreign Ministry says ‘excellent’ relations with Taiwan

The Foreign Ministry said that while Abdo encourages more investment, bilateral relations are not based on a quid pro quo. In addition, Paraguay maintains “excellent diplomatic, political and friendly relations” with Taiwan that span over 60 years. .

The US Secretary of State noted the growing aggression of China in the situation with Taiwan

According to Blinken, Washington has already acquired a plan of action in the event of a hypothetical use of nuclear weapons by Moscow on Ukrainian soil. The Secretary of State, however, said the White House is consulting with the Kremlin on the issue of nuclear threats. .

China warns US against meddling in Taiwan issue

The Taiwan issue is China’s internal affair, and the American side has no right to interfere in it. This was stated by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi at a meeting with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken on September 23. “In order to truly guarantee peace in the Taiwan Strait, we must resolutely oppose and … Read more

Russia and China opposed Washington’s destructive course towards Taiwan

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